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Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment

> Diagnosis & Treatment
- Infertility Evaluation
- Infertility Diagnosis
- - Male Factor Infertility
- - Ovulatory Disorders
- - PCOS
- - Endometriosis
- - Tubal Factors
- - Age
- - Unexplained Infertility
- - Recurrent Miscarriage
- Infertility Treatment
- - Ovulation Induction
- - Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
- - Surgical Interventions
- - IVF
- Testing Egg Health & Reserve

 Male & Female Infertility Information - Featured Pages

 Diagnosis and Treatment

Although one in six couples desiring pregnancy will be affected by fertility problems, it often comes as a surprise. Many factors can contribute to infertility, but recent technological breakthroughs have made pregnancy more likely than ever. With these advances, 85 to 90% of patients who complete a series of tests will learn the cause of their infertility.


Causes of Infertility

30-40%            Male Factors

30-40%            Female Factors

10-20%            Combination


The good news is that nearly all fertility issues (85-90 percent) are fully treatable. Even better, as a leader in reproductive medicine, Conceptions offers the full spectrum of treatment options in your quest to become a parent.


Our physicians are experts in infertility, and working in partnership with you, will determine the most appropriate course of treatment.  To further enhance your chances for success, our staff is available to perform even the most complex procedures 363 days a year.

 Protocol Expertise

The physicians at Conceptions are well-versed in the latest protocols designed to maximize the chances of success in even the most challenging cases, giving invited lectures and authoring papers on these subjects (see Lecture Page). These include the full spectrum of IVF, IUI, infertility surgery and support protocols to treat conditions which include decreased egg health, male factor, PCOS, hypothalamic and thyroid dysfunction, uterine and pelvic anatomic conditions impacting fertility and recurrent pregnancy loss.

Michael Swanson, MD
“Each patient has unique emotional and medical needs that should be considered for optimal health and well-being.”
Michael Swanson, MD
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