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Unexplained Infertility

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 Unexplained Infertility

In approximately 10-15% of infertility cases, a diagnosis is not obtained. For all of the recent technological advances in infertility, some causes still remain outside the realm of our current understanding. For couples already dealing with the stresses of infertility, this conclusion can be extremely frustrating.

Should this situation occur, the first step would be to conduct a detailed review of the entire infertility evaluation. Sometimes, this can reveal an error made in either testing or interpretation, and can prompt further investigation into questionable fertility factors.

If a comprehensive review reveals no new information, additional patient testing may be recommended. In many cases, treatment options may be pursued based on all known parameters and the preferences of the couple.

Even without a conclusive diagnosis, assisted reproductive technologies can increase your chances for success by improving or bypassing a variety of potential fertility factors.
Michael Swanson, MD
“Each patient has unique emotional and medical needs that should be considered for optimal health and well-being.”
Michael Swanson, MD
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