In vitro fertilization - 2013 IVF Success Rates

Conceptions has consistently achieved among the highest IVF pregnancy rates in the United States.

Our Conceptions CCS IVF program has outstanding pregnancy rates across all age brackets. This program allows for replacement of embryo(s) that have been analyzed for the correct number of chromosomes, chromosome translocations and single gene disorders.

Conceptions CCS IVF Program

Thawed Embryos from Trophectoderm CCS Tested Patients 10/1/2010 thru 5/26/2015 <35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44
Number of transfers (total=807) 335 212 153 57 50
Transfers resulting in pregnancies (FHT) 74.3% 78.8% 64.7% 75.4% 65.0%
% of transfers resulting in live births 70.0% 80.4% 69.4% 77.8%  
Percent with single embryo transfer 74.3% 79.7% 81.0% 81.0% 92.5%
Implantation Rate 71.0% 77.6% 61.9% 72.7% 67.4%
Average number of embryos transferred 1.25 1.20 1.18 1.16 1.08
Percentage of patients with AMH < 1.5 17.7% 29.2% 36.5% 43.6% 68.2%

Note that these patients are not "cherry-picked" or part of a study. The patients represented in this Conceptions CCS IVF (Complete Chromosomal Screening InVitro Fertilization) table represent all women who desired to pursue IVF with sequential FET utilizing their own eggs. As reflected by the posted AMH data, patients with decreased AMH levels achieve high pregnancy rates when a normal (euploid) embryo is identified, with elective single embryo transfer.

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Conceptions SART 2013

Age Bracket <35 35-37 38-40 41-42 >42
% of transfers resulting in live births 61.6% 73.2% 63.2% 10/14 4/4

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The Rate Of Positive Chemical Pregnancy That Does Not Progress To Heartbeat:

Unscreened FET 11.7%

CCS FET 5.4%

*This highlights that if our biopsy platform harmed the embryo the Complete Chromosomal Screening FET loss rates would be equal to or higher than the unscreened rates.

The rate of + FHT in a Complete Chromosomal Screening transfer that does not progress to a live birth is 1.7%. This means that, using CCS, if you achieve a heartbeat your delivery rate will be 98%. A distinct advantage of a screened embryo transfer is once you achieve pregnancy you stay pregnant.

Our embryo screening platform is superior to other embryo screening platforms. SNP microarray evaluates 300,000 random base-pair changes in the non-coding regions of the chromosome, compares data with parental samples, and integrates known data from the Human Genome Project.

This allows for a percent confidence in the chromosome diagnosis typically in the 96-99% range across all 24 chromosomes. In the case of an abnormal embryo, it can tell whether that error came from the egg or sperm which is helpful in determining future treatment plans.

If a euploid (normal) embryo is created, the average live birth rate is typically ≥ 70% with one embryo transferred. CCS eliminates the number one cause of failed IVF, miscarriage, abnormal amniocentesis, and afflicted live birth. Our embryo screening platform allows for chromosome screening and simultaneous diagnosis for autosomal recessive, autosomal dominant and translocation disorders.

In keeping with our patient-centered philosophy of health care, you and your physician will determine the most appropriate course of treatment for your individual circumstances. At Conceptions, we understand that our patients' needs go beyond mere medical treatment. That's why we provide supplemental services such as psychological support, acupuncture treatment and financial counseling; all designed to facilitate your experience with Conceptions in every way.

Our Center is committed to offer the highest level of treatment at the most affordable price. Using in-house labs and services are part of that commitment because they save you a substantial amount compared to hospital based or agency services.

Your next step is to schedule a consultation with one of our highly qualified fertility specialists who will review your history, answer any questions you may have, and form a preliminary plan for testing, diagnosis and treatment.

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