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You are more than just a statistic. At Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado, we care for each patient in an environment of empathy and encouragement, focused on delivering exceptional success rates.

Exceptional Success Rates

We consistently achieve some of the highest IVF pregnancy rates in the United States across women of all age brackets. We accept all healthy patients within national guidelines. Having you take home a healthy baby is our ultimate measure of success.

Competitive Package Pricing

Cost is an important consideration in making the decision to move forward with fertility treatment. With clearly stated pricing, and a money back guarantee, we make it easy for you to know how much fertility treatment costs.

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Learn more about what to expect when choosing Conceptions for fertility treatment. From your first consultation, through the required medical forms and releases, we are here to help you.

Success Rates Graph


This graph shows live birth rates for frozen embryo transfer comparing Conceptions CCS IVF program, Conceptions Standard IVF program, and the national average. These patients were not “cherry picked” or part of a study. included women with a diminished ovarian reserve (poor egg health); considered the toughest category to treat. Please view the complete success rates page to see additional information including total number of transfers, average embryos transferred, and percentage of patients with AMH < 1.5 (Diminished Ovarian Reserve).

Frozen embryo transfer can lead to better results. Learn more!


The Conceptions CCS IVF program, pioneered at Conceptions Reproductive Associates, offers the most effective evaluation, assessment, and treatment options in a single IVF cycle. Following this protocol, we are able to achieve among the highest success rates available at any fertility clinic in the world.

It is cost effective in comparison to the multiple cycles often required to achieve success at other centers, and provides greater insight about your fertility. The Conceptions CCS IVF program is a cost effective way to take home a healthy baby.


Learn more about fertility treatment at Conceptions including Fertility Evaluation, Infertility Surgical Procedures, and Complete Chromosomal Screening.

Dr. Bush appearing on Colorado's Best.

Dr. Bush explains Conceptions CCS IVF program.

Dr. Riggs discusses infertility diagnosis and IVF treatment.


What’s New in IVF

Conceptions’ staff is active in the scientific and lecture community, providing information to both patients and peers on subjects like IVF, fertility preservation and other emerging topics in Reproductive Medicine.

Many of these presentations are of a scientific nature and demonstrate our continual efforts to develop and refine the technology of fertility treatment.


Keep up to date with the latest news at Conceptions and in the science of fertility treatment.

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2 December 2015

Dr. Riggs was recently interviewed by Channel 2 News about DNA testing and how it’s helping couples here at Conceptions. Thanks to Counsyl, a…

Standing By Our Veterans

11 November 2015

Conceptions Reproductive Associates proudly stands by the women and men who serve in our nation’s armed forces. As members of the American…

Ovulation Induction: Update on the Original Modern Fertility Treatment

30 October 2015

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Conceptions Welcomes Dr. Robert Greene

5 August 2015

Conceptions is excited to announce that Dr. Robert Greene joined our group of elite fertility doctors on July 1st, 2015. Dr. Greene will see patients…

Weight and Infertility

5 February 2015

Obesity is an increasing problem in the United States. It is estimated that approximately 31% of white women, 38% of Hispanic women, and 49% of black…


Thank you for all the well wishes! We are thrilled to be expecting a boy in July! We already know the sex from the genetic testing we did on our embryos back in March after our egg retrieval. We truly are thankful for modern technology and Dr. Bush and his team at Conceptions.


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