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In vitro fertilization (IVF) Program

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 In vitro fertilization (IVF) Program

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) has become the gold standard of fertility treatment options. It provides the highest live birth rate, the lowest risk of pregnancy related complications and provides for the most useful information to guide future treatment efforts. More recently studies have even shown that most couples save money by moving to IVF treatment instead of the old standard of Ovulation Induction/Intra Uterine Insemination (OI/IUI). IVF involves stimulating the ovaries to produce multiple eggs; removing those eggs and combining them with carefully selected sperm and observing the fertilized embryos until they are ready at the stage when they are ready to implant. At that point they can either be frozen for later use or transferred back into a woman’s uterus to become a healthy pregnancy.

At Conceptions, planning your cycle is critical step. We order only those tests that are necessary to individualize your IVF treatment plan. Once your testing is complete, you will meet with your doctor to discuss your options and explain our recommendations. You will also have many opportunities for additional discussion as your treatment plan moves forward.

A typical Conceptions IVF cycle is a five phase process:

1.       Ovarian Stimulation

2.       Egg Retrieval

3.       Fertilization/Incubation

4.       Embryo Testing/Freezing

5.       Frozen Embryo Transfer

Ovarian Stimulation

During this phase of your treatment, you will be placed on a specific combination of medications that your team has created based upon your pre-cycle testing and your history. This protocol will be explained to you in as much detail as you prefer. You will be monitored by both ultrasound and blood tests to optimize your ovarian response. This phase of your treatment can take several weeks but you will be seen frequently throughout this time period. All labs and office visits are included in your package plan.

Egg Retrieval

When the follicles have matured, you will be scheduled with one of our physicians to have your egg retrieval. Under anesthesia, a thin needle is used with ultrasound guidance pass through the vaginal wall and into your ovaries. Each follicle is drained in order to recover as many mature eggs as you produced. Under the guidance of vaginal ultrasound, a physician will extract the mature eggs. Our anesthesiologists make sure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure which typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Once you are awake and fully recovered, you will be able to go home after you have been told how many eggs we retrieved. 


After your eggs have been collected, our experienced team can go to work. After the eggs are collected, they are given several hours to complete their maturation process. During this time, our team will focus on preparing the sperm. Later that day, one sperm will be carefully selected for each mature egg that you’ve produced. The sperm will then be carefully injected. Within 24 hours you will be notified of how many eggs successfully fertilized. Fertilization means the sperm DNA and the egg DNA have combined and started to activate. For the next five to six days, your embryos will be nurtured to insure that as many as possible with grow and develop to the blastocyst stage.  

Embryo Testing/Freezing

Your embryos that grow to the blastocyst stage have demonstrated that they have the minimal characteristics necessary to potentially implant. In order to more carefully select only the embryos that are likely to become a healthy child, we may recommend Complete Chromosomal Screening (CCS). This screening is done for each embryo that makes it to the blastocyst stage. Our embryologist will remove a few cells from what will become the placenta for embryo testing.

Our embryo screening platform is superior to other embryo screening platforms. We use a SNP microarray technique that evaluates 300,000 sites of the genetic code. It compares the results with parental samples (the people that produced the sperm and eggs) and integrates the information with known data from the Human Genome Project.  This unique process allows for a percent confidence—a measure of precision—across all 24 chromosomes that is typically in the 96-99.9% range.  When an abnormal embryo is identified, this test tells whether that error came from the egg, the sperm or both which can be helpful in creating future treatment plans

Each embryo that has been biopsied will then be frozen using an ultra rapid process called vitrification.

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

In 2011, a landmark paper reviewed 11 studies and demonstrated that pregnancies are healthier after a frozen transfer (using modern freezing techniques like vitrification) than after a fresh transfer. Specifically, this plan has demonstrated to have less pre-delivery bleeding during pregnancy, a lower risk of preterm birth, decreased risk for small for gestational age baby/low birth weight and a lower infant mortality. It is believed that by splitting the egg retrieval from the embryo transfer, your uterus is a better environment for implantation; creating a healthy placenta to nourish your pregnancy. Your FET is included in the Colorado Conceptions IVF.

Each genetically normal (euploid) embryo that we identify has an average live birth rate of 70%. The Colorado Conceptions IVF Program virtually eliminates miscarriage, abnormal amniocentesis during pregnancy and afflicted birth or identifies the genetic reason that your cycle failed. Our testing method includes diagnosis of all of the most common chromosomal disorders (including aneuploidy, autosomal recessive, autosomal dominant and translocations.

Mark Bush, MD Quote
“Helping couples bring wanted children into loving homes is an immensely rewarding experience.”
Mark Bush, MD
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