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IVF Patient Stories - The Great Miracle

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1/29/2012 - My husband (Josh) and I have been trying to have a baby for four years. After one year of trying I went to my doctor to find out why it wasn’t happening for us. After testing Josh’s sperm we discovered that he had..... - Take an in-depth look at their journey.


1/8/2012 - We went to Conceptions to see Dr. Bush about our possibilities of getting pregnant. After talking with him we decided to fix my heart shaped uterus and then do in vitro with a DNA test at day 5 of the embryos’ cycle to check for my genetic problem. - Take an in-depth look at her journey.


8/8/2011 - We always planned on having another baby, a sibling for Schuyler. I had surgery to remove the fibroid eight months after giving birth to Schuyler. The surgery was successful so we started trying to conceive as soon as I recovered from the surgery. After three miscarriages we came to Conceptions and met with Dr. Swanson. - Take an in-depth look at her journey.


5/24/2011 - When their daughter was a toddler, they began trying once again. But this time things went a bit differently. Months of trying began turning into years and they knew something wasn't right. - Take an in-depth look at her journey.


1/1/2011 - She’s a 39-year-old married mom of an adorable 4-year-old daughter. She was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and now lives with her husband of 8 years, Chris, their daughter Aubrielle and golden retriever Bleau. Take an in-depth look at her journey.


 Follow the IVF Journeys of Three IVF Patients

Many fertility clinics offer educational materials associated with IVF, and while we can still offer that, we now offer an inside look at real patient's emotional and physical journeys.  Conceptions has partnered with 9 News Denver and KOSI101 to offer an in-depth view inside the IVF Journeys of three Conceptions patients.

 Even More Information

 See the video they taped on Colorado & Company explaining their IVF Stories and Treatment.

IVF Patients w/ Santa
Heather, Windy, and Amanda with Mr. and Mrs. Claus

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