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Just as a quick intro, My husband’s name is Ian. We have been married for almost 7 years. We have one 3-year-old named Emma. She is amazing and super busy. The reason I went to Conceptions was a mixture of a few different things.

The first reason was how my first pregnancy went. 6 weeks into my pregnancy I started bleeding. I had lots of tests done and an ultrasound to see if I was still pregnant. The first time I got to see Emma was that ultrasound and I was so relieved. The ultrasound tech told me that my baby was hanging on as tight as possible. While I was very relieved to be pregnant still, the bleeding did not stop. Every two weeks after that I went back in for another ultrasound to make sure I was still pregnant. And every time, there she was.

The bleeding was hard for me, I went from being very active to now going to work then straight home to lay down. I was on modified bed rest, so I wasn’t allowed to do much. I was never sure if I was still pregnant or having a miscarriage. Finally at 24 weeks, the bleeding slowed and almost stopped. I had a full two weeks where nothing went wrong. Then I went on a lunch break at 26 weeks when I sat down in my car, my water broke. I ended up going to the hospital to make sure my water had indeed broken They ran some tests then put me in an ambulance and sent me to a larger hospital, with a large Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), since they thought I was going into labor.

I was then placed on bed rest at that hospital since my water had a slow tear and my chance of infection was extremely high. I spent six weeks laying there, making sure my daughter was growing inside of me. Then at just over 32 weeks I went into labor and a short while later I had a beautiful girl, weighing about 4 lbs 12 oz. She was then in the NICU for four weeks. Since then our daughter has been healthy and very active. She is small but perfect.

About a year ago I was able to get pregnant again. My own sister who had recently discovered a genetic problem because of the complications she was having with some of her own pregnancies, found out that she has what is called a balanced translocation. This means part of the 14th chromosome is hooked to the 21st chromosome. After talking to my parents about this, we decided to have me tested. At about week 9 in my pregnancy I found out that I have the same problem with my chromosomes. Knowing this but not wanting to risk anything we decided to wait to see if there were any problems, then at week 12 I miscarried my baby. On top of that, I lost too much blood, passed out in my doctors office and I ended up in the Emergency Room.

After that day, my husband and I knew that we wanted to keep trying to have children. So after healing for 6 weeks we went to Conceptions to see Dr. Bush about our possibilities of getting pregnant. After talking with him we decided to fix my heart shaped uterus and then do in vitro with a DNA test at day 5 of the embryos’ cycle to check for my genetic problem. So we did the egg retrieval in May and were able to get 11 eggs out and 10 of them fertilzed. Out of those 10 only 2 made it to day 5. We had those two tested and with a one in four chance of having a healthy embryo, we hoped for the best. We soon found out that one was missing its 14th chromosome. The other was a perfect girl! I had surgery to fix my uterus so that I could avoid any of the problems from my first pregnancy. After healing for 3 months I finally had that little girl implanted. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and looking forward to my 20 week ultrasound.

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