IVF Patient Profile - Meet Lyndsie

Lydsie and Todd met in college and were married in 2000. After four years of marriage and only one month of trying, they conceived their son, who is now seven-years-old. Three years later, when they were ready, they once again "easily conceived" their daughter and they were so thrilled with their growing family that they decided, while still in the delivery room with their new daughter, they wanted to have another baby in the not too distant future.

When their daughter was a toddler, they began trying once again. But this time things went a bit differently. Months of trying began turning into years and they knew something wasn't right. During that time there were also two miscarriages, multiple diagnotic tests for both Lyndsie and Todd, and failed Clomid and IUI attempts. Finally, they received a diagnosis of male infertility due to a varicocele. Todd attempted a varicocele repair surgery, which was unsuccessful. For this couple, their goal was to try and conceive as naturally as possible before considering IVF. After a rollercoaster both physically and emotionally, they found themselves researching options to help make their dream of completing their family a reality.

Lyndsie and Todd eventually found their way to Conceptions where they were told that they would be candidates for IVF with ICSI. So now, with hope restored, they are embarking on their own IVF journey.

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8/4/2011 - Lynsie did great during her successful IVF transfer procedure. In this photo with Lynsie is Heidi Alexander (Acupuncturist) and Linda Hulick (Ultrasonographer).