The Conceptions CCS IVF Program

A Better IVF Protocol

The Conceptions CCS IVF program was pioneered at Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado based on considerable research to develop a protocol that achieved a healthy pregnancy in a single cycle of IVF.

The program consists of four key techniques.

ICSI - Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

By injecting a single, selected sperm directly into the mature egg, we are able to optimize fertilization.

Blastocyst Culture

Blastocysts are fertilized embryos in their fifth day of development. Waiting for embryos to develop to this stage allows the most viable selection to be made.

CCS - Complete Chromosomal Screening

The embryo screening process enables selection of the embryos which have the normal 23 pairs of chromosomes. Parental Support technology goes a step further than other screening methods by utilizing DNA from both parents along with carefully designed bioinformatic algorithms to accurately and reliably test cells from each embryo. Learn more about CCS here.

Vitrification and Frozen Embryo Transfer

This superior freezing technique allows us to delay transfer of the embryos until after the uterus has returned to a more normal condition following ovarian stimulation required for egg retrieval. This allows us to achieve a higher implantation rate over fresh embryo transfer.

Results Achieved Using Conceptions CCS IVF

The following result data is compiled from 1236 cycles following the Conceptions CCS IVF protocol for nearly 6 years.

With pregnancy rates well above national average, the efficacy of the Conceptions CCS IVF protocol is clear.

Even more impressive, is the percentage of patients in each age group with AMH less than 1.5. These are more difficult cases to treat demonstrating that Conceptions does not "cherry pick" patients based on their likelihood to produce favorable success rates.

Cost Of Conceptions CCS IVF

This advanced protocol does come at a cost. The following table breaks down the cost of standard IVF cycles in the Denver area along with IVF/ICSI/CCS/FET provided with the Conceptions CCS IVF program. Given the high success rate with a single cycle of the Conceptions CCS IVF program, it may be the most cost effective option compared to multiple IVF cycles at other centers.

You can view our complete IVF pricing information by clicking here.

If you would like to learn if you are a good candidate for the Conceptions CCS IVF program, please schedule a consultation to meet in person with one of our highly qualified fertility specialists.

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