Donor Egg In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Self Pay Package

100% Donor Egg Refund

  • Designed to provide a 100% refund if IVF is not successful. Offers a 6 attempt treatment option.

$45,602 - $55,052

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MEDICATIONS (NOT included) View Estimate by Diagnosis
• Typical Range for Recipient and Donor $ 3,500 - $ 6,000
• Frozen cycle typical range $ 500 - $ 1500
ANESTHESIA (NOT included) $ 400

Pricing provided in accordance with Colorado SB17-065’s Transparency in Direct Pay Health Care Prices Act.

Complete Egg Donor Cycle

Complete Egg Donor Cycle with ICSI – includes: $29,516
First Time Donor
Repeat Donor
Complete MD/Nursing management of Recipient and Donor cycle
Unlimited IVF cycle laboratory assays and ultrasounds on Recipient and Donor
Donor Communicable labs
Donor Genetic Screening for Cystic Fibrosis, Fragile X, Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Karyotype when using a Conceptions Donor
Donor Insurance
Donor Compensation (First Time $7,000/Repeat $7,500)

100% Donor Egg Refund

100% IVF Using Donor Egg Refund Program $45,602
Coordination of Care
Recipient/Donor cycle lab assays and ultrasounds
Retrieval and Transfer
CRA embryo biopsy for CCS
Vitrification – ONLY when doing CCS
Services NOT Included In The Refund Program
Donor work up (Inc; Office Hysteroscopy, Doppler) $4,500 - $6,500
Medications (typical range) $3,000 -$7,000 / Fresh $500 - $1,500 / Frozen
CRA Donor Compensation/ Fresh cycle $7,000 First Time / $7,500 Repeat
FDA Communicables – Recipient and Partner $1,400
Anesthesia with MD/NA $400
Natera, INC – Chromosome assessment $1,500 per attempt
Vitrification (Included in CCS Program Fee) $900 ($350 yearly storage fee)
Male Fertility Treatment (Fees vary on complexity) PESA- $2,995, MESA- $6,195
Non-IVF surgeries and Obstetrical Care Fee Varies

Day 5 embryo biopsy and 23 pair chromosome assessment

Day 5 embryo biopsy and 23 pair chromosome assessment – includes: (NOT included in the above donor package fee): $4,725
In-house laser biopsy of the embryo’s placenta, vitrification (freezing) of the biopsied embryos and subsequent full frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycle
Chromosome assessment by Natera, Inc. - $1,500 Natera Inc. fee is included in the listed package price (*8 or less biopsied embryos)

Recipient Mock Cycle for fresh transfers only

Recipient Mock Cycle for fresh transfers only: $1,226
Couples that have Day 5 embryo biopsy and 23 pair chromosome assessment performed do not need a mock cycle