Donor Egg Refund Program!

At Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado we understand the emotional and financial anxiety couples face while going through treatment. Many of our couples pursuing ( IVF) In Vitro Fertilization are dealing with a limited amount of funds. For many couples an IVF or Donor IVF Refund Program maximizes the possibility of taking home a baby while making the cost affordable and minimizing the cost risk involved. Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado Refund Programs are exclusive to our center.

Conceptions designed the IVF and Donor IVF Refund program to offer eligible patients a financial option that would allow an opportunity to pursue other avenues if a pregnancy is not achieved. The program is for patients with no insurance benefits for infertility treatment. The Program includes 3 fresh IVF cycles and 3 possible Frozen embryo transfer cycles that must be completed in the required time frame.

The Program has a one-time payment equal to little more than the cost of 2 IVF or donor cycles. The one-time payment for IVF varies depending on age specification. The plan does not guarantee a successful outcome but limits the financial risk if you do not take home a baby.

Benefits for patients meeting the IVF Refund Program Criteria –

  • Increases couples chances of taking home a baby.
  • Gives best possible chance of pregnancy while preserving financial resources if unsuccessful.
  • Program offers 6 possible cycle attempts with 1 set discounted fee.

Refund Levels for eligible patients

For more information or to begin the application process contact an IVF Financial Representative at 303.794.8165.