Recipients of donor egg

Choosing to move forward with using an egg donor can be a very personal and difficult decision.

Why choose us?

Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado is dedicated to provide our recipient couples with compassionate care that will help guide you through this process. Our nursing staff is one of a kind that will provide prompt responses to all of your questions and needs. They dedicate themselves to helping you find the best physical match and donor candidate that will suit your personal requirements and desires.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Choose your own highly recommended donor.
  • See childhood photos of all our egg donors.
  • Get a full report from a Genetic Counselor who has reviewed your donor’s medical history.
  • Work closely with an Egg Donor Coordinator RN who has met your donor personally and will help guide you in the matching process.
  • Get full reports on your donor’s previous donation history including full medical history.
  • Personal and caring staff who have been through this process successfully many times.
  • Extensive screening of our donors including physical, psychological, fertility and genetics.
  • All local donors - no added travel expenses.
  • All donors are anonymous.
“The staff at Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado went above and, beyond. Thanks to them, our dream to start a family became a reality.”
- Jessica, Recipient Egg Donor

Egg Donation Options

Known Egg Donor

This is a personal friend or family member that you would like to ask to donate eggs.  She will be placed through the same stringent testing and evaluation as our anonymous donors.  Please refer to our “Egg Donor” tab for a complete evaluation list.

Conceptions Egg Donor

Once you have meet with your donor team, you will be given access to our donor database.

Frozen Egg Bank Donor

Frozen egg banks provide immediate access to frozen donated eggs. We work with several reputable frozen egg banks, including Fairfax Egg Bank, a leader in the development and advancement of frozen eggs. Talk to your donor coordinator for recommendations.

Agency Egg Donor

If you are not able to find a donor from our list that meets your needs we are happy to work with outside agency donors.  Please ask your egg donor coordinator for referrals!

Egg Donor Success Rates - Denver, Colorado

The Conceptions Donor Program provides patients with flexible, cost effective options for building their family. The following data shows the pregnancy rates achieved by our Fresh Donor and Egg Bank programs in 2015. All donor egg cycles can optionally include complete chromosomal screening of all embryos.

Fresh donor rates over the past 3 years have varied between 75%-82% on going pregnancy. Frozen donor rates have fluctuated between 50 – 65%.

More Choice. More Opportunities - Fresh and Frozen Donor Eggs

Conceptions Colorado is one of the few egg donor programs to offer both fresh and frozen donor eggs directly to our patients. While many other programs may have a bias towards one or the other based on where they specialize, we want you to understand the difference between fresh donor eggs and frozen donor eggs so that you are able to make the right choice for your individual set of requirements.

Comparing Fresh vs Frozen Donor Eggs

The following table shows the similarities and differences between fresh and frozen egg donation cycles. If you have any questions, please contact us to schedule a free phone consultation.

Screening All donors complete a medical screening process and meet with one of our licensed psychologists for a psychological evaluation. All donors complete a medical screening process and meet with one of our licensed psychologists for a psychological evaluation.
Family planning May provide a lower cost option for families wishing to have more than one child via egg donation. The number of eggs retrieved varies, but the average is 15-20 per cycle. This means that you will potentially be able to develop more embryos, making the overall cost of multiple embryo transfers less expensive. May provide a lower cost option for families who only intend to have one more child. You will receive a group of 6 eggs from your frozen donor. The rest of the eggs from this donor are divided into similar groups and provided to other recipient families. This means the expense of stimulation and retrieval of the donor eggs is shared between multiple recipients, making it less expensive for each recipient.
Treatment time A Fresh egg donor requires having the donor go through an IVF cycle which delays the embryo transfer. The eggs have already been retrieved from the donor, allowing for a quicker embryo transfer.
location While some egg donors are willing to travel as part of their egg donation cycle, scheduling difficulties may arise. Since the donor’s eggs have already been retrieved, they can be shipped to IVF centers throughout the United States which greatly expands the availability of possible donors.
Pregnancy rates As opposed to frozen eggs where vitrifying, or flash-freezing, is required, fresh eggs may result in higher pregnancy rates. Frozen egg donation requires vitrifying, or flash-freezing, the eggs. The vitrification process enables the donor eggs to be stored for an indefinite amount of time before being thawed and fertilized. This process can affect the quality of the eggs and may result in lower pregnancy rates.


Donor Egg Cost