Embryo storage failures in the news

Embryo storage failures in the news

With recent publicity regarding fertility programs in Cleveland and San Francisco who have had malfunctions with the storage the frozen embryos in their care, we, at Conceptions, want to address some common concerns.

All of Conceptions’ sperm/egg/embryo storage tanks are connected to an alarm system that monitors the internal temperature in the tank.  That alarm system is also connected to a phone system.  If temperatures fall outside of the normal parameters, an alarm is triggered.  If no one is in the lab to handle the alarm, the phone system is activated, and embryology staff members are called to manage the situation.

In regards to regular maintenance, we measure out liquid nitrogen tanks every week, and top off nitrogen levels to the optimal levels.  We also keep our tanks in a common area so they are visually assessed throughout the day, every day.  When tanks fail, there are typically external visual signs of failure over a period of several days.  By making a regular visual assessments, we are able to see problems before they occur.

With all of these systems in place, we are able to ensure our tanks are appropriately checked and maintained.  If any of our tanks doesn’t meet our rigorous standards, we keep a backup tank nearby to quickly and safely transfer embryos to, until new long-term storage can be established.

Finally, we will continue to assess our systems to confirm that we are providing the safest and most effective tank monitoring to ensure that embryo quality is strictly maintained.  We will also follow any recommended changes by our governing body, ASRM.

4 responses to “Embryo storage failures in the news

  1. This is so great to read! I wasn’t worried, as I know your high standards and care! But to read this is just another great reason to love Conceptions and have more peace of mind!!!

  2. I loved reading this! I know you guys are top of the line because I researched all 588 clinics in the country and conceptions reproductive associates of Colorado is the best by far! It’s still good, however to hear about all your safety measures!!! Thank you all for taking such amazing care of our embabies!!!

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