FREE Male Fertility Testing 11/13/18

FREE Male Fertility Testing 11/13/18

Although infertility is still mistakenly thought of as only a women’s problem, it is in fact equally likely that the cause is due to a male factor infertility. Male infertility problems often relate to sperm production, structural issues or immunological response.

• Must have a partner and be interested in trying to conceive
• Must be older than 18
• Must be a new patient

• Before November 13th, visit and use our “Contact Us” form to reserve a test spot
• Show up to our Denver o ce on November 13th between 11am-2pm to provide sample

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    1. Hi Gabriel! Our next free Day will be in January, but we don’t give out the date ahead of time. Follow us on Facebook or check back in on our website, and sign up once you see the new post as it’s on a first come basis. Thanks!

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