New office at Sky Ridge!!!

Conceptions new office at Sky Ridge is now open! 10107 RidgeGate Parkway, Suite 300 Lone Tree, CO  80124 MARK ROBERT BUSH, MD, FACOG, FACS Owner and Medical Director of Conceptions, Dr. Bush was instrumental in building one of the premier IVF centers in the United States. On the ground floor in 2009 utilizing embryo screening … Continued

National Infertility Awareness Week – Start Asking

April 24-30 2016 is National Infertility Awareness Week. This year’s theme is “Start Asking”. You can start learning more about your fertility by taking this free fertility facts quiz: If you have any questions, please schedule a consultation so we can meet with you and person to answer them.

Basic Infertility Evaluation

  Basic infertility evaluation involves evaluation of the eggs, sperm, uterus and fallopian tubes as well as a complete medical history. Egg testing involves consideration of the age of the patient, ultrasound and blood testing – usually AMH.  Ultrasound can evaluate the ovaries and often a count of the resting eggs or follicles is performed. … Continued

Parenting After Infertility

    The label “Infertile” can be a tough cross to bear.  We know that with that label comes all the torture: peeing on sticks, painful shots, invasive procedures, doctor bills, and months or years of waiting.  But, if you’re lucky, you take home a happy, healthy bundle of joy.  And that should be it, … Continued

Zika Virus: Here’s what you need to know

    Zika Virus for Fertility Patients: here’s what you need to know   We’re all frightened by what we don’t understand. Many infectious diseases feed in to that fear. Consider for example the recent media frenzy over Ebola Virus; then again over Bird Flu and then more recently over Chikungunya—all of which have died … Continued

Standing By Our Veterans

Conceptions Reproductive Associates proudly stands by the women and men who serve in our nation’s armed forces. As members of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, we participate in the “Serving Our Veterans” program which offers discounts to injured veterans in need of IVF services. You can learn more about this program on our IVF … Continued

Ovulation Induction: Update on the Original Modern Fertility Treatment

Most couples seeking fertility treatment want their plan to be as simple as possible. For decades now the typical entry level of fertility treatment for a variety of underlying conditions has been ovulation induction (OI) with intrauterine insemination (IUI). The goal of these combined treatments is simple; cautiously enhance the number of fertile eggs a … Continued