We are SO excited to announce the new RI Witness system!

We are SO excited to announce the new RI Witness system!


We are very proud and excited to announce the roll out of our new RI Witness Electronic Witnessing System in our embryology laboratory! The Witness system provides us with an electronic trail of patient’s gametes in the lab to virtually eliminate the possibility of eggs, sperm, or embryos going to the wrong patient. Even more exciting, we are the first in the state, if not the entire mountain region, to have this technology!

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It is a very simple system. The patient is issued an electronic ID card when they check in for their procedure, i.e. egg retrieval or embryo transfer. Embryologists will retrieve that ID card when they verify the patient’s identity. The ID card goes into a reader in our work area/hood. Now every dish or tube that enters that work area must either belong to the couple or be assigned to the couple as all the dishes and tubes also have electronic tags. If a dish or tube not belonging to that couple enters the work area, the system alarms and locks preventing any misidentification or mix up of tissue. This adds another very solid layer of security to reassure our patients that they will always get the correct gametes/embryos.


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