Fertility Evaluation

Your physician will conduct an in-depth study of each partner's medical history, including any previous fertility treatment. After completing a comprehensive infertility work-up, your physician will recommend only the additional tests that your personal circumstances require. Assessment of your fertility status will address five fundamental questions:

  • Does the woman produce and release an egg at regular intervals?
  • Does the man produce adequate numbers of healthy sperm?
  • Can the egg and sperm unite in the woman's reproductive tract?
  • Do the sperm and egg combine to form a fertilized egg and divide to form an embryo?
  • Is the embryo able to implant and thrive in the uterus?

Ovulation Predictor Kit - Pinpoints the time when conception is most likely to occur. These simple tests are performed in the privacy of your home.

Blood Tests
- Assess hormone levels at different times of the menstrual cycle to determine ovarian reserve and how ovaries may respond to stimulation.

Endometrial Biopsy - Determines if the uterine lining responds properly to stimulation by the ovarian hormones.

Semen Analysis
- Determines the number and quality of sperm. Collected and analyzed in our on-site laboratory.

Hysterosalpingogram - Assists your physician in the diagnosis of uterine or fallopian tube structural abnormalities.

- Examines the cervical canal, uterine cavity and areas where the fallopian tubes open into the uterus.

Laparoscopy - Checks reproductive organs for conditions such as endometriosis, scar tissue or abnormal uterine shape.

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