Comparing IVF Costs

Comparing the true cost of IVF between competing programs can be difficult. Some centers offer a low package price but end up costing more as you undergo multiple IVF cycles in order to get pregnant. If you are comparing prices for IVF, please take the time to review the following information. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will make sure you have all the information you need in order to make a well informed decision about which center to choose for IVF treatment.

  • There are many variables specific to your individual medical case that affect the cost of IVF treatment. This makes it challenging to provide even ballpark estimates which are valid for a wide range of people.
  • The clinic’s Live Birth Rate Per Transfer of women in your age group is the most important factor in determining actual total cost for IVF. The Live Birth Rate indicates your chances of taking a baby home. Per the CDC website, Conceptions has averaged a 70% livebirth rate over the last five years.
  • Two IVF cycles will always be more expensive than one cycle. If your clinic does not have at least a 51% live birth rate then odds are that you need more than one cycle of IVF to bring home a baby.
  • If you would like to see a list of clinics in your area sorted by Live Birth Rate, please see the Fertility Success Rates for IVF website. The data used to generate these reports comes from the CDC. All IVF clinics in the United States are required by law to report their outcomes to the CDC annually.
  • The SART database emphasizes cycle start data. Many groups that participate in SART do not allow challenging couples to pursue IVF with their own eggs as it will hurt their SART rates. Indeed, a prominent Colorado IVF program does not allow women who are 36 – 40 years of age with an AMH of less than 0.8 or a resting follicle count of less than 8 or an FSH of greater than 12 to use their own eggs. They are advised to use donor egg. At Conceptions, we have helped hundreds of couples over the years with these test results pursue IVF with their own eggs as we consider livebirth divided by transfer as the relevant statistic to consider. Conceptions remains members in good standing with ASRM and are the only clinic in Colorado to carry dual center of excellence designations.
  • Many clinics use bait-and-switch tactics when it comes to pricing. For instance, their website may state “IVF starting at 8,000” when total cycle cost is 15,000 with a livebirth rate of 8 – 32% over the last four years. At Conceptions we are completely transparent with pricing. We urge our patients to visit IVF Cost Calculator, which considers individualized costs and success rates for the fertility center you choose for the likelihood of taking home a baby.
  • Conceptions has built a lab and employee culture over the years that constantly seeks to achieve the optimal outcomes for eggs, sperm and embryos – first and foremost. This is what all couples deserve out of their first IVF attempt. Within this culture we remain a privately held company with fair and honest pricing.

It is important to realize that outcomes, pricing, and the quality behind the lab is far from standardized when considering clinics. Fertility treatment is unique when considering other medical outcomes. In medicine you should never consider the less effective option to just save money. In fertility, you should choose the best procedure (or clinic) to get the best outcome.

If you want to learn more about the cost of IVF specific to your unique medical history, please schedule an initial consultation where you will meet with our highly trained physicians and financial counselors.