Jennifer Moné, PhD

Jennifer Moné, Ph.D. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and maintains a successful private practice serving couples, individuals, and families. Her specialties include fertility concerns; grief and loss, including pregnancy loss; couples’ relationships; divorce and high conflict; and life transitions.

Dr. Moné’s counseling style utilizes clients’ own strengths and teaches skill-building to help them meet their goals. She believes counseling can be a short endeavor and aims to help clients make progress in a manner that matches their pace and needs. She welcomes collaboration and questions in order to build a positive therapist-client relationship. She is also an EMDR-approved practitioner (which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). EMDR is a therapeutic approach aimed at reducing the intensity of traumatic events, and the thoughts and feelings associated with them. EMDR has been shown to assist with anxiety, sadness, and other aspects related to fertility problems.

Dr. Moné is experienced in counseling people affected by fertility challenges and in conducting evaluations for those planning fertility treatments using third party reproductive assistance. She meets the American Society for Reproductive Medicine qualifications as an Infertility Counselor. Moreover, Dr. Moné has specialized training in working with couples and uses a systemic approach in order to alleviate the effects fertility issues can have on an individual, relationships, and in other facets of life.

For questions about a particular issue, or to learn more about EMDR, please contact Dr. Moné directly or visit her website at