Kim LaRocque, PhD

Fertility Provider Kim LaRocque

Dr. Kimberly LaRocque is originally from Delaware and received her BA in psychology from the University of Delaware before earning a MS degree from the University of Rhode Island in Human Development and Family studies, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy. Dr. LaRocque practiced as a therapist in Massachusetts and Rhode Island for 2 years before moving to Colorado to refocus her career in the fields of science and medicine. With the original intention of going into veterinary medicine, specializing in equine medicine, Dr. LaRocque started her journey at Colorado State University. She began working at the renowned Equine Reproduction Laboratory on the CSU foothills campus. This was her first introduction to the complex world of infertility. She earned a MS degree in Physiology at CSU, specializing in equine reproductive physiology. Her thesis focused on optimizing transport conditions of the equine ovary to obtain pregnancies from deceased mares. Additionally, she collaborated with Dr. David Gardner, then scientific director at the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, on a project examining components in the follicular fluid of young and old mares. Through her collaboration with Dr. Gardner, her interest shifted from equine to human reproduction. Following the completion of her MS, Dr. Gardner and Dr. George Seidel, a well-respected animal reproductive scientist at CSU, sponsored her PhD candidacy in Biomedical Sciences. Her PhD focused on the metabolic requirements and health of bovine and murine oocytes during the in vitro maturation process. During the final year of her PhD, she began working part time in the IVF laboratory at CCRM. Working in the IVF lab was extremely rewarding as it solidified the impact of fundamental research, which she studied for years, on the actual achievement of patient dreams. Once she completed her PhD work, she moved into the clinical setting at CCRM where she worked as an embryologist for over 10 years. In 2017, Dr. LaRocque joined the embryology team at Conceptions, where she continues to provide uncompromised care to all patients going through IVF treatment.

As IVF laboratory director, Dr. LaRocque brings an exceptional level of training, education and experience to the lab. She is a certified High Complexity Laboratory Director by the American Board of Bioanalysis. Her top priority is providing the highest level of patient care by never compromising the standards of the IVF laboratory. Dr. LaRocque is dedicated to helping patients fulfill their dreams of beginning or expanding their families through the process of IVF.

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