"I love the unique opportunity to work with hopeful parents in developing their family plan."

Natalia Grob



Dr. Natalia Grob looks at herself as a fertility coach. “When I’m meeting with a patient, I’m here to listen and hear what their family goals are and advocate for my patients to hit those goals, regardless of what it takes to get them there. My job is to make sure they have all the information and then chat about their values and come up with a plan that we ALL agree on. I want more for them than a positive pregnancy test. I want them to be the healthiest version of themselves because it will result in a happy family for generations to come.” 


Dr. Grob was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago as a first-generation Polish immigrant. Her parents immigrated to the US when they were 30 and 40 years old, respectively. “My parents sacrificed everything for my education. I saw how hard they worked to be able to afford my education; it was that work ethic that gave me the drive to purse a degree in medicine.”

Dr. Grob realized her passion for healthcare for women while completing her undergraduate degree at Smith College. She then pursued her medical degree from Case Western Reserve University. Her OB/GYN residency took Dr. Grob to Washington University School of Medicine. For her fellowship, she relocated to the Denver area for training at UC-Denver, receiving national distinction with the T32 Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility National Research Service Institutional Training Award.

“My education wasn’t as difficult for me as it was for some of my peers because of the work ethic my parents instilled in me. Once I set my eyes on medicine, there was nothing that was going to stop me.”

Dr. Grob has always loved the science behind the medicine. It’s her research-first approach, coupled with her empathetic nature, that has made her a leading reproductive endocrinologist. “I love the unique opportunity to work with hopeful parents in developing their family plan. Couple that with explaining the science of fertility to my patients and helping them to understand how the latest research may or may not apply to their clinical management; that’s what I love most about my job. Unlike a general surgeon who operates, and fixes and problem and they’re done; in the field of infertility, you have a much stronger bond with your patients.”

Individualized Patient Care

Since joining the Conceptions team in 2017, Dr. Grob has made it her priority to be approachable, down to earth, and fully transparent with her patients. She and her entire care team put patient care above all they do. They know that when a patient walks through their doors that it’s all about making the fertility journey the best possible experience for that patient and all subsequent patients. “I love my team,” stated Dr. Grob. “We are hold each other responsible for full transparency and accountability to each and every patient, every day.” This is what separates Conceptions from other clinics in the area.

We take every single patient success story personally. We’re not a factory here, we’re a physician owned practice. That means we can individualize patient care. We go out of our way every day to ensure a very methodical and detail-oriented approach in the care and direction we provide for our patients for optimal success.

In her free time, Dr. Grob can be seen out in nature with her boys hiking or skiing and taking in all the awesome things Colorado has to offer. “One of my favorite local spots is the Stanley Marketplace. I’ll stop in either before work for a quick cup of coffee from my favorite coffee shop or pop in after work for dinner with family and friends. It’s my favorite one stop shop in Denver!”

We Take a Team Approach

“Life can sometimes be unfair and many times we don’t get to pick and choose how things will turn out. Nobody starts their journey to parenthood and says, ‘I can’t wait to meet Dr. Grob and talk to her about IVF’. When a patient walks out of my office, I want them to feel like they’ve been heard and we’re working as a team achieve their goal of parenthood.”

Dr. Grob’s research has been featured by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Time Magazine, National Public Radio, and NBC news, among many others. Her research resulted in the publication of numerous journal articles as well as lecture invitations that she has delivered throughout the USA.

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Extremely Responsive

I have been very pleased with Conceptions! Dr. Grob and the entire staff has been extremely responsive and thorough. Dr. Grob was compassionate and treated me as a unique patient. I had to have surgery and I was super scared from past surgeries that went awry, but I will never forget Dr. Grob holding my hand and telling me she would take good care of me while I was under anesthesia. I would recommend Conceptions!

Rosemary G.

An Amazing Experience

My experience with Conceptions was amazing. It was a long tough journey but Dr. Grindler (Grob) and nurses never gave up on encouraging me. I cannot thank them enough for helping me give a sibling to my son.

Pamela K.

Can't recommend them more!

Can't say enough good things about Conceptions! All the nurses and my doctor (Dr. Grob) make me feel so comfortable through an uneasy process! Thanks to them we are on baby #2 and we are so so appreciative.

Melissa S.

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