Donor Egg Program

The Conceptions Donor Egg Program is a natural addition to our comprehensive fertility services. It was developed to help women conceive whose chances for pregnancy are greatly reduced due to age, nonviable eggs, dysfunctional ovaries or genetic abnormalities.

Our egg donation program meets or surpasses guidelines set forth by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine for the screening and selection of egg donors. It also follows the anonymous donor model that has been in place for sperm donors for decades.

Donor Egg Transfers 1/1/14 to 10/1/15

Screened embryos are checked for the correct number of chromosomes.

Fresh Donors Pregnancy Rate (FHT) "n"
Fresh Transfer 85.7% (6/7)
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) (81.7% of FETs are screened) 68.3% (56/82)
Egg Bank Pregnancy Rate (FHT) "n"
Fresh Transfer 94.1% (16/17)
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) (80% of FETs are screened) 65.7% (23/35)

While no identifying information is provided, in-depth personal, physical and psychological profiles of donors are available to our egg donor recipients. Unlike many programs that select an egg donor for you, Conceptions allows recipients the ability to choose the egg donors they are most interested in pursuing.

For more information, please contact an Egg Donor Coordinator at 303-738-5319.