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For patients whose path to success runs through IVF, Laboratory Managing Partner Glenn Proctor and his team of world-class embryologists harness the latest laboratory techniques and technology to support success. Conceptions was an early adopter of blastocyst stage embryonic biopsy as well as pre-implantation genetic screening (PGT-A) which has been shown to improve clinical outcomes for patients undergoing IVF. Science supports success here at Conceptions. Click here to review our current success rates.

Glenn Proctor, MHA

Glenn Proctor is drawn to the daily challenges that each IVF case presents; and ultimately the reward of seeing patients achieve their dream of building their family. “A lot of people take the ability to have a child for granted. It’s super rewarding and makes me feel really good after putting in long hours in the lab over consecutive days to have all that arduous work pay off; a parent’s dream has been realized and it will last a lifetime.”

Glenn grew up in a small town in rural South Carolina. As a child, he loved being out in wildlife and often thought that he would grow to be a wildlife biologist. “There were a lot of lakes around where I grew up. I was always jealous of the Game Warden that could just drive around in a boat all day – it seemed like a great job!”


The passion for biology remained within Glenn and pushed him through his collegiate years, having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina. However, rather than pursing wildlife, Glenn decided that a career in healthcare better suited his future, and he went on to receive his master’s degree in Health Administration from the Medical University of South Carolina. Staying local to the Greenwood area, Glenn began his career in the Greenwood Genetic Center where began training in genetics eventually leading to the unique field of embryology. “Embryology is similar to a career in wildlife if you think about it, I’m still watching nature and it’s fulfilling to be on the cutting edge of science,” added Glenn.

“A career in embryology is unique. There are basically no days off, you must keep the lab staffed daily – you can’t just close for a few days. We do what we do because we think it’s fascinating, and we love it, but it’s highly demanding. Lots of long hours for days straight but we do it with a smile and a sense of eagerness because there’s life brewing and you have to be there to keep an eye on it,” stated Glenn.

Glenn relocated to the Denver area back in 2010 and instantly fell in love with the region and his choice to join the team at Conceptions. “The team at Conceptions is more like a family than a group of coworkers. We’re more like brothers and sisters because of the amount of time we spend with one another in the proximity of the lab. We know about each other’s families and what’s going on in each other’s lives. That kind of care for one another translates into the care we extend to each patient that we treat in the lab,” stated Glenn.

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Life in the Lab

“What’s forgotten in the world of embryology is that the element of human talent is just as important as being a smart, intelligent scientist. The group at Conceptions is super knowledgeable but also just as naturally talented. Our outcomes are a result of that talent. Really good embryologists know that no case is the same, it’s not plug-n-play. You have to cultivate your knowledge based on the individual experience and each individual case rather than following a straight protocol. This is where we excel as true scientists.”

When not in the lab, Glenn enjoys as much time as he can in the outdoors. “Where else could I possibly live and be within one hour from the best skiing in the world! I’m an avid hunter, fisherman, camper, and skier so Colorado is the perfect playground for my family and me. Plus, the sports and concert scene are pretty great too!”

We always try to be on the forefront of new procedures or technologies as they are developed. If we can use the technology to increase the patient’s pregnancy rate by even one percent, we’re going to utilize it. For many patients, this is their only shot so that one percent is meaningful. We put our best foot forward everyday and do the best possible job to help these hopeful parents achieve their dream of parenthood.

Glenn has had the privilege of working with world-renowned embryologists throughout his career, which has enhanced his skills and knowledge in the field. Glenn has been with Conceptions since 2010 where he operates as the Chief Scientific Director. Glenn also serves as the Marketing Director and is an owner in the company.

Meet Glenn Proctor, MHA

Our Embryology Team

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Zelda Fowler


Zelda Fowler is originally from Miami, Florida. She graduated in 2015 from Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado with a Bachelor’s degree in both Biology and Chemistry. During her studies at MSU Denver, she developed an interest in pursuing a career in Andrology. Soon after graduating, she started her career here at Conceptions. She is passionate about her work, and strives for accuracy and timely results, which are vital to the medical decisions related to patient health and success. Her love for laboratory science is driven by the reward in helping families have children.

Outside of the lab, Zelda enjoys painting, photography, horseback riding, dance, and spending time with her husband and two children. Zelda is trilingual, and is fluent in Spanish and French.

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Erin Kelley


Erin Kelley graduated from Colorado State University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science. She became interested in fertility during her time at CSU and continued on to complete her Masters in Clinical Embryology from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. While in Australia she gained practical lab experience, completed a research project, and participated in work experience placements in both Australia and New Zealand.

Erin started with Conceptions in fall of 2018. She loves working in such an evolving and rewarding field. In her free time she enjoys traveling, golfing, hiking, skiing, and spending time with family and friends.

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Kristen Knox


Kristen Knox is a fourth generation Coloradan. She graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in Equine Science. She first learned about assisted reproductive techniques while working at a racehorse breeding farm in Fort Collins, Colorado. After spending seven years in the equine reproduction industry, Kristen completed a Masters in Biomedical Sciences with specialization in Assisted Reproductive Technologies at CSU. While in grad school, she shifted her focus to the exciting field of human reproduction. Kristen says she doesn't know of a more rewarding career than helping patients achieve their dream of having children and expanding their families.

Outside of work, Kristen likes to spend as much time as she can on horseback, hunting, fishing, and hiking. There is no greater place to spend time with friends and family than right here in Colorado!

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Kim LaRocque


Dr. Kimberly LaRocque is originally from Delaware and received her BA in psychology from the University of Delaware before earning a MS degree from the University of Rhode Island in Human Development and Family studies, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy. Dr. LaRocque practiced as a therapist in Massachusetts and Rhode Island for 2 years before moving to Colorado to refocus her career in the fields of science and medicine. With the original intention of going into veterinary medicine, specializing in equine medicine, Dr. LaRocque started her journey at Colorado State University. She began working at the renowned Equine Reproduction Laboratory on the CSU foothills campus. This was her first introduction to the complex world of infertility.  During the final year of her PhD, she began working part time in the IVF laboratory at CCRM. Working in the IVF lab was extremely rewarding as she got to fulfil the dreams of many families dealing with infertility. Once she completed her PhD work, she moved into the clinical setting at CCRM where she worked as an embryologist for over 10 years. In 2017, Dr. LaRocque joined the embryology team at Conceptions, where she continues to provide uncompromised care to all patients going through IVF treatment.

As IVF laboratory director, Dr. LaRocque brings an exceptional level of training, education and experience to the lab. She is a certified High Complexity Laboratory Director by the American Board of Bioanalysis.

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Kezia Emeny-Smith


Kezia Emeny-Smith was born and raised in Oxford, England and emigrated to the USA in 2009. Kezia holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with a minor in Biotechnology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and is recognized as an Embryology Laboratory Scientist by ABOR. Kezia has been working as an embryologist since 2015 and is passionate about helping patients achieve their fertility dreams.

When Kezia is not in the IVF lab, you will find her spending time with her beloved animals, Polo and Lucky, at the gym, cooking delicious food, or skiing, camping, and hiking in the Colorado outdoors.

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Liz Holmes


Liz Holmes grew up on the West Coast in both California and Oregon but her career has taken her all over the country for the past 16 years. She first attended Whitman College where she earned a Bachelors in Biology before moving to San Francisco after college where she started working as the Lab Manager at a well-known Fertility Clinic in the city. This experience opened her eyes to the world of Embryology and she soon dedicated herself to the Embryology Lab full time to begin her training.

During the 5 years she spent in San Francisco, she became a fully trained Embryologist, earned her Master's Degree in Embryology and Andrology, and earned her Technical Supervisor accreditation from the American Board of Bioanalysis.

Liz then transitioned to Scottsdale, Arizona where she worked at a smaller fertility center where she was the only Embryologist. This experience allowed her to gain some Supervisory experience. Over the next 6 years, Liz has moved from Portland, Oregon to Cleveland, Ohio, Austin, Texas, and now Denver, Colorado gaining more experience at each practice she became a part of.

Her favorite thing about embryology is meeting the patients and feeling like she has a positive impact on their lives. "There is nothing better than helping people create and complete their families", says Liz. In her spare time, Liz enjoys spending time with her husband and cat, reading, knitting, puzzles, and a glass of wine while enjoying the view of the mountains.

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Lauren Crookston


Lauren Crookston originally started her career in fertility in 2016 at Conceptions. After spending the last 3 years at a fertility center in Charleston, SC she's back on the best IVF team! With a degree in Biology, Lauren is passionate about fertility and reproduction with experience in the Embryology and Andrology labs.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys taking her dog, Rex, on adventures, traveling, exploring new places in Denver, and spending time outdoors.

madison debord

Madison DeBord


Madison DeBord graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrative Physiology. After completion of her undergrad, she found a passion for reproductive science. In 2021, she went on to complete a Master degree in Biomedical Sciences with specialization in Assisted Reproductive Technologies from Colorado State University.  

Madison enjoys the evolving and fulfilling nature of embryology. She is passionate about providing excellent patient care. To her, there is nothing more rewarding than helping others grow their families! Madison is a Colorado native, and outside of the lab she enjoys all of the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. Her favorite days are spent outside with her dog Nova.   

Safety First: Cryopreservation & Storage

As a US leader in reproductive medicine, Conceptions is proud to use the TMRW Life Sciences ivfOS Cryostorage System in our IVF laboratory. We are one of only two centers in Colorado to have adopted this state-of-the-art storage system for eggs, embryos, and sperm.

TMRW’s technology brings new levels of safety and security to the care of frozen eggs and embryos by automating the entire process, which will allow us to track and monitor eggs and embryos 24/7/365 using dozens of precise sensors, state-of-the-art software, and radio frequency identification (“RFID”) technology. Learn more about ivfOS.

At Conceptions, success and safety go hand in hand in the IVF lab.

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