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For many couples considering fertility treatment, the cost is often one of the more stressful and daunting concerns of treatment. The doctors at Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado are compassionate toward the additional stress financial planning can have on the journey to parenthood.

There is no ‘one size fits all” cost that hopeful parents should expect to pay, rather, it’s important to understand which services you need and what you’re ready to commit to when setting your financial expectations. Regardless of what treatment you’re pursuing throughout your fertility journey, feeling financially prepared can give you peace of mind. We believe that the gift of family is priceless, and we want you to be prepared for this journey both emotionally and financially.

Understanding insurance coverage can be huge – figuring out what’s covered and what isn’t can be confusing and frustrating, and ultimately impact your fertility goals. That’s why Conceptions participates with multiple insurance providers to offer our patients more access to fertility care. It’s important to note that every insurance company has its own specific guidelines in place to help you determine the extent of your fertility benefits.

If treatment is covered by your insurance plan, please supply verification of your benefits to the Conceptions business office. This information should be provided in the form of written confirmation from your insurance provider, or copied form your benefits book.

If treatment is not covered by your insurance plan, payment will be due at the time of service. The Conceptions billing department will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have, just call (303) 794-8165.

At Conceptions, we also offer information on several third party financing options for our patients, including Future Family, CapexMD, ARC Fertility, Bundl, and Prosper Healthcare Lending.

When calling your insurance company here are few questions and tips to consider:


  • Review your benefits booklet. This is the information provided by your employer if you are part of a group plan.
  • Photocopy the section of your benefits booklet that pertains to infertility care.
  • Call the customer service phone number printed on your insurance card.
  • Ask specifically about your benefits relating to infertility care.
  • Request written confirmation of your fertility benefits.
  • Document the name, date, and time of your call.
  • Check out this free Fertility Insurance Guide resource, provided by Alto Pharmacy, to learn more about how to navigate insurance coverage.

As of February 2022, here are some of the major insurances that we accept at Conceptions:

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In network with most services

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Out of network with narrow HMO services

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Out of network with any Cigna Connect services

Untitled Design (69)


In Network with most products/Requires referral on file for all services

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In network with most services




Referral required.




Referral required.


Employer Sponsored Benefit Programs

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Progyny’s "Smart Cycle" allows members to customize their treatment without having to worry about running out of coverage mid-treatment




Global fertility benefits for employers that save money and tame anxiety




Family Building Benefits


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