With the recent news coming out of Los Angeles about an unfortunate mix-up in the IVF laboratory, we wanted to address what we are doing at Conceptions to maintain the highest levels of safety and success for our hopeful parents from Denver and all over Colorado.

It’s important to note that while these stories are dreadful, they are exceeding rare based on the nearly 400,000 IVF cycles reported last year. Patients trying to get pregnant or staying pregnant should feel confident that the Conceptions team is committed to safety and success for every patient and our staff.

Earlier this year Conceptions completed its integration of technology from TMRW Life Sciences which provides for the safe and sophisticated management of the precious frozen eggs and embryos that are central to most IVF procedures. TMRW’s technology provides the first and only automated platform that safely stores, manages, and identifies frozen eggs and embryos used in IVF.

“We take pride in investing in the world’s absolute best technology to serve our patients,” said Glenn Proctor, co-owner and Director of Laboratories at Conceptions. “We’re laser-focused on quickly adopting all proven technology that advances patient care. And, there’s no doubt, when it comes to the safe management of the frozen eggs and embryos used in IVF, TMRW has set the gold standard. TMRW’s technology brings new levels of safety and security to the care of frozen eggs and embryos by automating the entire process, which will allow us to track and monitor eggs and embryos 24/7 using dozens of precise sensors, state-of-the-art software, and radio frequency identification (“RFID”) technology. This helps us assure that each patient’s eggs and embryos are always safe, secure, and properly identified.”

Joshua Abram, Founder, and Co-CEO of TMRW, said, “Incredible scientific breakthroughs have enabled IVF leaders like Conceptions to support ever more people on their path to parenthood. TMRW’s technology brings the strength and security that only great technology can provide to create a new standard of care for the storage and management of life’s most precious cells. We could not be more proud to have an IVF leader such as Conceptions as one of our earliest partners.”

Mark Bush, MD, Conceptions’ CEO and Medical Director added, “TMRW has engineered the future of embryo and egg care, management, and storage. Their technology provides 24/7 monitoring, massive redundancy, and over-engineering for all aspects of safety including radio-frequency identification of all embryos and eggs so that patients can be absolutely certain that when the embryos or eggs are utilized that they indeed belong to them. This advanced and secure storage system will help afford patients peace of mind and I know it will immediately become the standard for all high-quality IVF labs.”

Established in 1986, Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado has long held the honor of being among the highest successful birth rate both state- and nation-wide. For over twenty years, Conceptions has helped couples to realize their dreams of building a family; and is a privately owned institution has allowed Conceptions to understand the unique needs of their patients and develop personalized and highly tailored treatment plans for each and every one of them. As a respected leader in the field of reproductive medicine and true embracers of advanced medical technology, Conceptions offers unparalleled fertility care.

TMRW has created the world’s first automated platform designed specifically for cryo-management of eggs and embryos used in IVF. TMRW’s RFID-enabled, complete digital chain of custody SaaS technology radically improves on the error-prone manual and analog methods that have gone unchanged throughout the history of IVF, significantly reducing the chances of implantation mix-ups or loss of eggs and embryos. The TMRW team includes many of the world’s most celebrated innovators in fertility, embryology, cryo-management, automation, software development and robotics to name a few of the disciplines involved. TMRW’s co-founders, Joshua Abram, Alan Murray, and Dr. Jeffrey Port, are serial tech and life sciences entrepreneurs. Their immediate prior ventures sold for a combined sum of more than $1 billion. To date, TMRW has raised $70 million. For more information, please visit TMRW.org.