Third Party Reproduction

What is Third Party Reproduction?

Third party reproduction is the term used when a couple or single individual uses donor sperm, eggs, or embryos. Donors can be anonymous or known.

What is Gestational Carrier?


When a woman is unable to carry a pregnancy on her own, a gestational carrier may be used to carry the pregnancy for her.

Gestational carriers are also used for same-sex male couples trying to achieve their dream of parenthood.

What is the donor egg process?


Egg donation is a process in which a fertile woman donates an egg, or oocyte, to another patient to help them conceive. The procedure involves a doctor removing an egg or eggs from the donor, fertilizing them in a laboratory, and then transferring the resulting embryos into the recipient’s uterus.

Donor-egg IVF may be needed for a variety of reasons; if a woman’s ovaries aren’t producing enough eggs, genetic or health conditions, same-sex male couples, and for single fathers by choice. While nothing is guaranteed, there are many cases of successful births through donor-egg IVF. Conceptions offers fresh and frozen donor egg services, through our internal donor egg bank, Colorado Egg Donation, as well as approved external donor egg banks.

Donor Sperm

Donor sperm is used by couples when the spouse/partner has no sperm or very poor sperm (azoospermia, oligospermia, or other factors). Donor sperm can also be used if the male partner has an inherited genetic condition.

Additionally donor sperm allows single women or same-sex couples the opportunity to conceive a child.

Donor sperm has been frozen for later use since the 1970s, and countless babies have been born as a result of using donor sperm. It is one of the most common fertility treatment options available.

Patients may use known or anonymous donor sperm.

Seattle Sperm Bank Partnership

Conceptions only accepts donor sperm from reputable, FDA-regulated sperm banks.

Conceptions has partnered with Seattle Sperm Bank to provide available ON-SITE donor sperm with no shipping costs associated.

Visit Seattle Sperm Bank

Donor Embryo

Patients may choose to utilize our donor embryo program to help them conceive for a variety of reasons which may include previously failed IVF cycles, severely diminished ovarian reserve,  genetic or health-related conditions.

Conceptions helps match intended parents with donor embryos and facilitate the embryo transfer procedure. We offer both internal embryo donation and work with approved donor embryo agencies.

Donor embryos can help those who have struggled with infertility the chance to carry their own pregnancy.

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