"The process toward achieving a healthy pregnancy begins with the very first visit. I cherish the relationships that we form with each person that seeks out our care."

Robert Greene



Dr. Robert Greene knows that individualizing care yields higher success rates for his patients. “Through recent studies, we can learn how to identify different variables, how to assess the variables, and how to intervene if the situation isn’t ideal. The science is constantly evolving so you really need to keep an open mind when it comes to patient care; you need to be able to adjust to new data and revise your thinking.”

Dr. Greene was born and raised in Cleveland, OH into a family that allowed him to grow, flourish, and discover his path to the medical field. “My family supported me by providing me with a safety net. They allowed me to go out and experiment and try things, knowing that it might not always work out but always giving me a sturdy base to go back to.”


It was that safety net that gave him the permission to enroll in The Ohio State University to first pursue a degree in art. While taking graphic design courses, Dr. Greene found that science courses were becoming more and interesting. He decided to leave art as a passion and begin his medical education. He graduated from Ohio State with a medical degree and moved on to University of Louisville for is OBGYN residency before continuing his fellowship at UCLA-Harbor Medical Center.

“The medical profession isn’t all that dissimilar from the art world. What we try to achieve from a medical perspective is to control the variables that are otherwise left to chance. Like perfecting your brush strokes on canvas, the more variables you can control, the more predictable the outcome.”

After several years in private practice, Dr. Greene relocated his family to the Denver area in 2015. What attracted him to Denver was not only the opportunities that working at Conceptions afforded him, but also the unique experiences of living and working so close to nature.

“Where else can you drive 45 minutes in one direction and be in your office and 45 minutes in the other direction and be on the ski slopes?” When the Greene family isn’t hitting the slopes, they like to enjoy time together preparing meals (his wife cooks and he’s great at doing dishes) and watching whatever their teenage “embryo” is into, which is anything Marvel as of late. The chance to join the team at Conceptions was just as great as being in Denver itself.

Compassionate Patient Care

The team a Conceptions truly has the ability to deliver on individualized compassionate patient care. We always try to be as compassionate as one person can be, yet never losing focusing on the results – because results matter. Anything short of a live birth is not a success, there is no halfway point in reproductive medicine. All our providers share these same sentiments, and we succeed and fail as a team.

“When a patient visits with me for the first time, there is always an element of hesitation,” stated Dr. Greene. “I use data to build up their confidence. I explain to patients what I can learn about their individual chances and tell them what we can achieve based on people with similar numbers.

My wife refers to me as a ‘stubborn optimist.’ The reason I am stubborn is because I have data on my side. If you take away my data, I am an optimist just like anyone else. I tell patients ‘let me share with you what the data shows and see if I can make a stubborn optimist out of you, too.’”

Compassion, Support, & Data Driven Science

Dr. Greene wants all his patients to feel empowered after their visit with him. Having gone through the fertility process with his wife, and having the knowledge base he has, they still felt as if they were not in control. “If we can provide people with a degree of compassion and support, provide them with as much knowledge as they are willing to take in, and offer them choices outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each choice, the patient can leave my office feeling like they have better handle on important decisions throughout their fertility journey. I want my patients to feel that they’ve been heard and that they’re informed enough to decide what’s right for themselves.”

Dr. Robert Greene is a graduate of The Ohio State University where he obtained his undergraduate bachelor's degree. He continued his education completing his residency in OBGYN at the University of Louisville. His fellowship training took Dr. Greene to California to study under Dr. David Meldrum – one of the most highly regarded fertility specialists in the world. Enriched by this experience, as well as Dr. Greene’s own highly regarded neuroendocrine research, he offers a unique and individualized approach to the diagnosis and management of fertility problems.

Dr. Greene’s studies have been featured on NBC’s Dateline and ABC News as well as Oprah & Friends with Dr. Mehmet Oz and various print publications including Cosmopolitan, Self, Glamour, Fit Pregnancy, OK! Magazine and Shape. Dr. Greene has authored four direct-to-consumer books explaining the latest research and practical applications for women experiencing various health challenges.

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Supportive Environment

Dr. Greene was an absolute joy to work with! We loved his positive demeanor and his accessibility throughout the entire process. Through his support we were able to complete our family with the arrival of our sweet daughter. Great experience overall with Conceptions!

Mary K.

Compassionate Care

When we came to see Dr. Greene we had no idea that we would need more advanced fertility treatments. As a lesbian couple, there were only so many failed home IUIs we endured before we sought help. Dr. Greene helped put everything in perspective and guided us to the treatment we would realistically need. He and his whole team compassionately cared for us through two rounds of IVF and two babies! We are forever grateful for our family that was made possible here.

Mic L.

Forever Grateful

Dr. Greene is the best! If it weren't for him and the whole staff at Conceptions, we wouldn't have our 7 month old son. This clinic is the best, so glad to know we have him to go back to when we want to add to our family. Thank you Dr. Greene and everyone at Conceptions, for making us parents, we are forever grateful.

Michelle D.

Couldn't be Happier

I came to Conceptions after a failed IVF cycle at a different clinic, and I wish I had just started at Conceptions to begin with. My doctor was Dr. Greene and he is exactly the doctor you want. Not only is he an exceptionally competent physician, who is well versed in the latest fertility treatment research, but he is also incredibly warm and optimistic, and I couldn't be happier with my results.

Natalya M.

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