DuoStim – Optimizing Fertility Stimulations

DuoStim is a protocol for patients undergoing IVF designed to optimize the number of oocytes retrieved in a single ovarian cycle. “Sometimes two stimulation cycles back-to-back are better than one for many patients. DuoStim or luteal phase stimulation can provide the pathway to success for many hopeful parents” offered Dr. Robert Green from Conceptions, Reproductive Associates of Colorado.

“The concept of late luteal phase stimulation has been used mainly for patients seeking to freeze their eggs before cancer treatment. It’s also been demonstrated to be very helpful for poor responders, or those who have been unsuccessful with traditional IVF added Dr. Greene.

Trying to get or stay pregnant? Interested in learning more about DuoStim? Dr. Greene recently presented an educational webinar on optimizing fertility care by using a DuoStim or late luteal phase stimulation protocol which can be viewed on our YouTube channel by clicking here.