Conceptions Welcomes Out-of-Town or International Patients

Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado strives to provide the best possible experience for our patients from within Colorado, as well as those patients in other states, or from all over the world.

The map above shows where our recent non-Colorado patients have come from to seek care from Conceptions.

To facilitate care over a distance, we provide WebEx or Skype consultations to allow you to see your doctor and have a personalized conversation over the computer screen - no matter where in the world you may be.

We understand the emotional and financial stress patients undergo during medical procedures. This can be even more pronounced while trying to coordinate care residing out of town.

To help ensure our patients are provided the best possible experience, Conceptions offers a treatment plan designed especially for your geographical needs. Our staff will coordinate your care by working closely with your local health care provider(s).

It is our goal to make the process of your care with us as smooth and low stress as possible. Our IVF or Donor Egg Nursing Staff is available to provide you with a step-by-step set of instructions to meet your needs.

Print our Conceptions Fertility Brochure (pdf)

Out of Town Patient Concierge - Erica Lewis, BSN, RN

Patient Concierge Erica Lewis

Feel free to contact our Out of Town Patient Concierge with any questions you may have regarding your treatment at Conceptions. We created this role specifically to assist our out of town patients in having the best fertility treatment experience possible. Erica can help with general questions about your care options, general scheduling questions, general questions about the timing of treatments and travel. Once you have been assigned a nurse, they will be able to answer patient-specific questions.

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