For over 20-years, Conceptions has been helping hopeful patients become parents with the help of two main ingredients: science and success. If you’ve been trying to get or stay pregnant or need the help of an egg donor or gestational surrogate to build your family, we can help.

Recently, we had the privilege of helping our patients Brian and Ty have a family and they are giving back by sharing their story of love, hope, and family. We are pleased to be the backdrop for their informational and inspirational podcast series, “It Takes a Village: Our Path to Leo.”

Their podcast chronicles their love story from their meeting at Gay Disney, through the circuitous route of family planning, donor-seeking, and surrogacy, and ultimately to their little love Leo. Available on Apple Podcasts, It Takes a Village: Our Path to Leo is a love letter to the many people that made Leo’s life possible and will be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys a feel-good story or wants insight into family planning – queer otherwise.

We recently spoke with Dr. Robert Greene from Conceptions about being part of the village that helped bring little Leo into the world, “It’s been a joy helping Brian and Ty become parents. It’s a privilege to be part of their success. The path to parenthood is different for everyone – straight, gay, single by choice, whatever your story is. We have more options than ever to help hopeful patients become parents.”

Conceptions, with four offices in the Denver area has been a supporter of the Colorado LGBTQ community since their very first fertility procedures. Dr. Mark Bush, Medical Director at Conceptions added, “We understand why hopeful parents like Brian and Ty come to us and we are committed every day to offering the safety and success that every patient deserves.”

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of the episodes from It Takes a Village: Our Path to Leo including episodes one and two which share how Brian and Ty discussed children early in their relationship, Brian’s previous fertility journey which became a sort of spring pad for their own fertility conversations, and you’ll hear from Dr. Greene, who discusses the importance of long-term planning and shares all of the terms to know and understand with family planning.

Thank you, Brian and Ty, for sharing your story with all of us!

To download and listen click here!