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Patient Testimonial from July 2020

"Dr. Bush has a team of amazing people working for him. They consistently provide the utmost care with a friendly, warm atmosphere. I'm so grateful that they are so supportive and warm. You really won't find a better place to take care of your fertility journey"

Angelina K

I came to Conceptions feeling hopeless. I had a very negative experience with another fertility clinic in the area, so I was weary and skeptical, but as soon as Dr. Bush entered the room he restored my faith in this process. He took the time to get to know me and my medical history; this was not a one size fits all approach, it was a plan made for my specific needs. Dr. Bush is passionate in his work and truly wants the best for his patients. I would be remiss if I didn't also mention the exceptional nurses and staff at Conceptions. Throughout the entire IVF process I continued to receive the highest level of care from everyone I encountered. They always welcomed my numerous questions and were just plain kind. My heart was broken and each person I met at Conceptions along this often long and painful journey placed a stitch on my heart and made me whole again. They assisted with the TWO greatest gifts of my life and for that I will be forever grateful!

R. G.

Patient Testimonial from June 2020

My husband and I love everyone in the Skyridge office. I have a fear of needles and Sarah is the only person I am comfortable with taking my blood. The front office is always helpful and welcoming. Kathy who does the ultrasounds is also amazing. Dr. Bush is always on time and answers any of the questions that we have. We would highly recommend Dr. Bush.

Larissa P

Patient Testimonial from February 2020

We can't say enough wonderful things about Conceptions, and the experience we've had working with everyone at the Littleton office! We started out at a different clinic, and after quite a few disappointments and mishaps, decided to switch to Conceptions. We met with Dr. Bush, and immediately felt a million times better than we had with our previous doctor. His experience and expertise gave us so much confidence. During our one round of IVF, we probably had over 20 visits to this office. From the initial consultation to our last appointment seeing our baby's heartbeat, and each surgery, procedure, ultrasound and blood draw in between, every experience was outstanding! And the nurses we worked with were amazing! Lindsay was our first nurse during the egg retrieval process, and then Jessica took over as our FET nurse. They were always very responsive, knowledgeable, and supportive. I can't imagine going through this experience with another clinic. We were pregnant four months after our first appointment, and are due in July. And we'll be back for Baby #2! Thank you, Conceptions!!


Patient Testimonial from February 2020

Great team! We are so thankful for everyone we worked with on the Conceptions team to get us to our goal of a pregnancy. Everyone is so caring, responsive, assuring and willing to answer my questions and all around just good people. So thankful that I chose Conceptions to work with.


Patient Testimonial from January 2020

Best in town!

Dr. Bush and the rest of the staff are incredible! Started out somewhere else with many failed attempts at pregnancy. Dr. Bush made it happen! We only had 2 embryos to work with, which can be very nerve wracking, but both embryo transfers were successful! My wife and I have also referred many of our friends to Conceptions after their failed transfers, and they have also had great success!


Patient Testimonial from December 2019

I turn 43 this month and thanks to Dr. Bush and his amazing team I am 29 weeks pregnant with my first baby! Dr. Bush has an incredible ability to confidently and reassuringly tell it like it is, and in my mind this is a good thing. He is very experienced and gives good advice- you should trust his advice! There is a small practice feel to Conceptions which also worked very well for me compared to other groups. The nurses were always very responsive, consulted with Dr. Bush when needed, but otherwise they were always there to walk me through every step and help me through the lows and share in my excitement of the highs.


Patient Testimonials from November 2019

Had it not been for Conceptions, we would not have our daughter and now expecting our son. Everyone at Conceptions has made us feel supported. They cheered for us in the victories, and wept with us in the losses. Infertility is a long road with many ups and downs. However, our journey has also taught me that there are angels on earth. Come what may, we promised we would not give up, and Conceptions shared that same promise. My amazing nurses held me up both figuratively, and a few times, literally. My daughter is from my own egg, my son is from a beautiful soul, an anonymous donor. Both are mine and my husbands miracles. Both are cherished and loved, created by God, delivered to us by Conceptions. Thank you Dr. Bush and everyone at Conceptions. Thank you cannot due justice to the love we forever hold in our hearts for you.


After 14 years of struggling with infertility, multiple miscarriages and seeking expensive treatment throughout the world, we thought we'd never have a family. After years of accepting that it wasn't meant to be, we contacted Conceptions, our last ditch attempt to become a family.

Dr Greene and his amazing team of nurses were able to help, identify the root cause that remained undetected for years, recommend some emerging methods and treatment plans, that finally got us on the way to becoming the family we had dreamed of since my husband and I first met. With huge thanks to Conceptions, we now have two beautiful children.


I can not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Bush and his entire team at Conceptions. Because of him, I have my sweet baby girl. When we had our initial consult, I was extremely nervous. My FSH and AMH levels were extremely off and I was scared I would be turned away because their success rates were higher than other places. Why would they take a chance on someone that would ruin their scale? Dr. Bush took us on without hesitation. It made me so happy that he was so confident in his abilities and skill set to take on a patient that could potentially lower their success rates. His confidence put all of my confidence in him and his team and put me at ease. The nurses and staff at Conceptions are truly remarkable. They are all so knowledgeable, personable and helpful. You will for sure see them a lot and become friends!! Without my retrieval and transfer nurses, I would have been a total stress case. They calmed me down, talked me through each step (and I mean every single step down to the minute of the shots), went out of their way when I ran out of a medication after hours to get me what I needed! The nurses there are try incredible. The staff at Conceptions are honestly the most welcoming people I’ve ever encountered at any doctors office. I had 90% of my appointments at the Skyridge location so I got to know the staff there very well. I looked forward to my appointments and seeing the girls and catching up! I still pop in from time to time to say hello! I have referred 6 of my friends to Dr. Bush at Conceptions and 4 are currently going through the process. I would gladly refer anyone to him and to not waste your time anywhere else. Go to Conceptions!!!!


Patient Testimonial from August 2019

My husband and I were so well cared for by the doctors, mid level providers, nurses, and administrative staff at Conceptions. After 5+ years of struggling with infertility and experiencing discouraging interactions with another clinic, we were at our most vulnerable when we met with the folks at Conceptions. Dr. Greene and Amanda Bird were amazing! They never once gave us false hope and they were always honest and caring about our situation. They patiently walked us through our options and guided us with their expertise and vast knowledge. We were comforted knowing that we were in the best hands possible— Conceptions consistently has the highest live-birth IVF success rates in the country! We are thrilled to be welcoming our first child into the world this fall and we are forever grateful to Conceptions for making it possible.


We meet with Dr. Bush and his team this month and I am so glad we decided to go with Dr. Bush. Great team. They explained EVERY single step and the cost. I love how confident Dr. Bush is that we will be pregnant.


Our experience with Conceptions was very positive from the start. After our initial testing, Dr. Bush was very honest and upfront with us that our best chance to have a baby was by pursuing IVF. After 2 unsuccessful rounds of IUI, we decided to take his advice and pursue IVF. The staff was very knowledgeable and receptive to any and all questions/concerns we had along the way. I was especially impressed with my Transfer Nurse, who was exceptional at thoroughly explaining everything, answering my questions, and making me feel taken care of at all times. We were lucky enough to become pregnant after only one round of IVF, and we’re very thankful to the expertise of Dr. Bush and his staff for getting us here.


Patient Testimonial from July 2019

As we prepare to meet our baby girl this fall, we are filled with so much joy, excitement, and gratitude. Thank you for making our dream of becoming parents a reality.

Before we came to Conceptions, we were told by other clinics and other doctors that a child that is biologically both mine and my husbands may not be possible for us. We spent years feeling lost, hopeless, and devastated that we may never be parents in the way that we so desperately wanted to be.

From the moment we met with the amazing professionals at Conceptions, we were cared for, gently guided, and filled with the hope that we were in such need of. You were honest will us and never gave us false hope. Instead, you educated us on our options and offered your world-class expertise in how to increase our odds of getting us to our ultimate goal.

You were patient with us as we worked out the financial details that were also holding us back. When we were ready to move forward, you got us on the schedule and on the path to parenthood quickly, efficiently, and with great care.

Much of infertility treatment is medical in nature, of course. But the emotional component can not be underestimated. Thank you for caring for us and truly wanting the best for our family. We literally could not have done this without you and we are forever grateful!


Patient Testimonial from May 2019

From the first day I met Dr. Greene we felt welcomed and important. Not only from him, but from the entire team at Conceptions. Right away I felt like I was in the best hands possible for this trying time in life. They immediately built a trusting relationship with us, and because of never having to doubt their recommendations, we were able to move through the difficult process with a little more peace of mind.

As a stickler for good communication, I have to say the communication and organizational skills are top notch at this clinic. I am so impressed with the behind the scenes cross-team collaboration that must take place because everyone, from reception to doctors, to nurses, to physician assistants, they all knew what was going on with me at any given time, and I can only assume the same for every patient. I never had to repeat my story, or give an update where I was in my process, everyone just knew.

All the nurses (who you will work closely with) always had answers to my questions, explained what was happening and why, and never made me feel like I was bothering them or asking dumb questions.

If you are reading this, you probably received difficult news and are facing what seems like an impossible road ahead of you, and I assure you, this is the team you want on your side.


Everyone here - front desk staff, nurses, Dr. Grindler were all amazingly kind and patient. I didn't feel like a number to them. I went to Conceptions on a recommendation from my Gyn, after having a bad experience - where I felt like a number and a paycheck - at another place. I'm looking forward to Dr. Grindler and her team helping us on this journey


My husband and I just wanted to take a few minutes to express our sincere gratitude to you and everyone at Conceptions for providing us with exceptional care. We truly appreciated the professional, yet caring treatment we received from your entire team.

My husband and I had been trying off and on to conceive a baby for over 15 years . . . going to multiple doctors and natural healers; trying everything out there, including IVF with 2 other offices. After 3 failed IVF attempts with other groups, with one group being not as thorough and the other seeming to care more about money, we were about at our wits end. After a change to my insurance, we decided to give Conceptions one last shot. Although it took 3 attempts before we were able to successfully get pregnant . . . we did and have a beautiful 1 month old baby boy! There is honestly no way I could have gone through those 3 attempts at Conceptions without the wonderful support from the entire staff. They make a tough and emotional process more bearable. Every person, from the front desk to the doctors, that I worked with was caring, empathetic, and seemed to truly enjoy their job.

IVF is a long and arduous process, especially when you work fulltime. Having a professional team, who thoroughly explains every step, has flexible scheduling, gets you in and out of the office quickly is a godsend. It also doesn’t hurt when everyone greets you by name when you walk into the office, making the overall experience bearable. Again, thank you so much for providing such a wonderful environment that allowed us to be successful!


Patient Testimonial from April 2019

I was very pleased with my initial consult at Conceptions.

I met with Dr. Bush to discuss infertility next steps. It was clear to me that he had spent time reviewing my records in detail. I had prepared questions for him, but he answered most of my questions before I even had to ask.

What I'm was most impressed by was the level of personalization he is putting into my next steps/protocol. He looked very closely at a few "red flags" that other doctors had passed off with miscellaneous excuses. He told me how we'd address each, just in case we don't know the whole story of what's going wrong and when.

The nurse assigned to me was very kind and attentive. She has been great with following up with me and is very knowledgeable.

The business office was willing to speak with me about my insurance and look into some questions for me before I even had my initial consult. All of my questions were answered and there were no shady financial policies leading to additional stress. I appreciated knowing exactly how much I'll pay and when.


"I cannot express enough how different Conceptions was compared to every other fertility doctor I have gone to. I have long been diagnosed as having PCOS. The doctors at other Denver infertility offices (CCRM) stated my infertility issues were caused by weight and refused to administer any IVF medication. ( I weighed 177 lbs.) Dr. Bush did not bring up my weight ONCE during my journey with him. He treated me like a human with a legitimate medical issue causing infertility. He started me on the IVF process immediately after initial testing. After FIVE years of trying to get other infertility offices to help me, I got pregnant after my first run of IVF with Dr. Bush. My baby is due in August of this year and I will always be grateful to Dr. Bush and the entire Conceptions staff."


Patient Testimonial from March 2019

I worked with Dr. Grindler and the conceptions team for about a year in helping me to overcome my fertility issues. Both the doctor and nurses could not have been more friendly, professional, helpful, and encouraging throughout my entire IVF process. They were patient, understanding, and made it a point to explain to me my options while answering each and every single question I had. They worked with me and my husband on our ideal timeline and made our dream of starting a family a reality. I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Grindler and the entire Conceptions team.


Conceptions got me pregnant after a very long road of difficulties and road blocks. I highly recommend Dr. Greene. He is one of the most compassionate and understanding people I have ever met in my life, let alone a doctor. He has held my hand during our meetings with him because I was so absolutely terrified and he always offers the most heartfelt advice. He truly cares about his patients and your results. The IVF process is never easy but we had open communication with Dr. Greene and the team about my anxieties and worries and that really helped.


Patient Testimonials from February 2019

My husband and I had nothing but great experiences at Conceptions, from meeting with Dr. Grindler, who was compassionate and informative, to working with the nurses and staff, who were always helpful and friendly. Conceptions treated us like family, not like a number on a list like other IVF clinics. We highly recommend Conceptions to other women and men who are struggling with infertility.


There are a lot of fertility clinics you could go to in the Denver-area, but Conceptions is the best of the best! There's a reason why people from all over the world go there for IVF treatment. Dr. Grindler is especially the best. She is thorough, new every detail about our case, and truly cared. I was devastated to learn at 33-years-old, I had diminished ovarian reserve. When my husband and I didn't get any good embryos after our first round of IVF (due to my poor egg quality), Dr. Grindler didn't throw out the word "donor eggs", as most fertility doctors quickly would. She believed in my body, at a time when I wasn't sure I entirely did. She prescribed me a steroid and we ended up getting two perfect embryos :-) When it came time for transfer, Dr. Grindler knew how bumpy of a road it was to get our embryos and made sure the stars aligned perfectly, so I could be pregnant. I've heard at other fertility clinics, they just transfer all the embryos back in you and "hope for the best" - not at Conceptions. When polyps were found in my uterus, Dr. Grindler made sure they were removed, so the embryo wouldn't implant on one. When my thyroid level elevated, she pushed back my transfer to make sure our baby would have the perfect environment. We trusted Dr. Grindler every step of the way and so glad we did! It took a lot of patience, but then the big day for transfer finally came! Now, my husband and I are beyond ecstatic to welcome a baby girl later this summer! Thanks to Dr. Grindler and the wonderful team at Conceptions for making our dream of having a family a reality!


Patient Testimonial from January 2019

I would recommend Dr Bush and his team at Conceptions to anyone that needs assistance with infertility. They treated us with nothing but compassion and have assisted us in having 3 beautiful children via IVF (FETs). We are forever grateful for Conceptions for helping us build our family of 5.


Patient Testimonial from July 2018

My husband and I were referred to Conceptions by a friend who had researched multiple fertility clinic options for herself and after a little research of our own, we were so impressed with the results compared to our other options that we decided to give it a try. We were a bit apprehensive about the process, having heard it was a consuming and expensive experience, but the nurses and staff at Conceptions made it as easy as possible for us and we felt supported and in good hands the entire time. We came in with a lot of tests already having been done, so we were fairly certain that this was what we needed, and after about a year or so we now find ourselves about to give birth to our first-born, with more planned for the future. Obviously, we couldn’t be more thrilled and relieved the process worked for us, and although it was a long and tough journey, I feel like Conceptions made it smooth and navigable right from the beginning. Throughout the process I felt like we were not just a statistic or a number on a board, but we were treated like real human beings working on a seriously stressful problem, and that really helped make the entire situation less overwhelming. They are so coordinated and precise, and really know what they are doing, which is evidenced by the results they have been able to achieve. I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling with fertility issues, or who is questioning whether they need a little extra help, consider Conceptions as a resource.


Patient Testimonials from October 2017

My husband and I cannot thank Conceptions enough for making our dream come true. From day one they treated us with kindness and compassion. They educated us on all the options, they patiently waited to see if my body would naturally respond before moving forward with anything medical. They never put pressure on us to jump to anything. When we realized IVF was our best chance to have a child, everyone in the office continued to be our champions in the emotional roller coaster. The doctors, nurses, reception, business office, embryology, everyone cared so deeply for us, it was truly touching. We did our research and saved saved saved. Conceptions was very generous and we were fully dedicated to riding out every option. We were there for 2 and a half years and even in the down times we were so grateful to be working with such amazingly talented and dedicated people. We are expecting a baby girl!

These WONDERFUL people do absolutely everything they can to help their patients, they go above and beyond. They are like family to us now. Thank you Conceptions, you all hold a special place in our hearts, you are all our guardian angels, we are humbled and honored to have been in your care.


Dr. Greene and the staff at Conceptions have been nothing but wonderful throughout our entire experience. Dr. Greene takes time to get to know his patients, and always answers any and all questions you have. His smile and optimism are contagious, a vital component in the world of infertility. His knowledge on the most current technologies and studies is phenomenal.

The staff we worked with were all fantastic - I was always greeted with a smile, and my questions and concerns always addressed in a timely manner. My nurses were always kind and caring, making themselves readily available. We are extremely grateful for all of the care we received at Conceptions, and would recommend Dr. Greene and his staff to anyone.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dr. Swanson, who worked with us through most of our IVF journey and gave us hope, to Dr. Greene, who performed several procedures on me, continued with us on our IVF journey when Dr. Swanson retired, and ultimately performed our embryo transfer, to Dr. Bush, who performed my egg retrieval, to Julie Z. and Stacy O., who were our main nurses through the process, but to all of the nurses who helped us, to the sonographers, for their professionalism, care, and support, to the laboratory technicians/phlebotomists, for their kindness, encouragement, and expertise in making all of the blood draws painless, to the embryology team, for taking extraordinary care of our most precious gifts, and to the reception and financial staff, for always being so nice and helpful. You all made what was a very emotional and difficult journey as easy and painless as possible.


Patient Testimonial from September 2017

It was such a blow to find out that we had fertility problems. My husband and I are over 40 with no children, and we really, really were ready and wanted a family. We found our way to Dr. Bush and his team, and everyone was amazing. Dr. Bush is a fantastic doctor and while he is very specific, that specificity was necessary and so appreciated by us. Our nurses were Sarah E. and Veronica, and them and the entire nursing team responded to me promptly (even after hours and on weekends) and made the process as easy as it could be.

Don't get me wrong - IVF is not an easy or cheap process. But everyone at Conceptions listened to us, worked with us, and helped us.

And now we are pregnant with a baby boy.

If you are reading this in hopes of finding guidance as to who you should see for fertility issues, you are already making a big step forward. If you were a friend or family member, I would tell you to go to Conceptions.

Good luck, stay strong, and hang in there.

And Dr. Bush and team, thank you so much.

Kristin C.

Patient Testimonial from May 2017

After a year of trying to get pregnant with my OB (naturally and 3 IUIs) we were sick of the hand holding and empty promises. As fabulous as our OB doctor is, we were never given the testing we needed to figure out why we were not conceiving. We were over it, exhausted and after a few miscarriages, ready for some scientific explanation (if possible) and a solution.

Luckily, I knew exactly where to go for help, answers and a pregnancy. Dr. Bush! Due to my line of work, all of the IVF offices in Colorado are my customers. Because of this, I either know the Doctors, staff, etc. personally or know of them and their reputations first hand.

On this site I see some reviews that say things like, they are just worried about their data/numbers and awards. And that they are scientific and try to upsell ways to help ensure a pregnancy. And all I have to say is I HOPE SO! Conceptions should be "worried" about their pregnancy outcomes and should brag about their success rates because THEY ARE AWESOME! Do you want to go to an office that doesn't win awards for getting women pregnant? Do you want to transfer 4 embryos that all have chromosome issues and will never result in a viable pregnancy just to miscarry over and over? No! We are there to get pregnant after all! I think if patients understood infertility better, and that doctors are not there to be a shoulder for us to cry on, all of these reviews would be 5 stars. I'm not saying they should be cold and not listen to your frustrations and dreams but you have friends and family for that. You are there to get pregnant.

Dr. Bush was my doctor but I had the privilege of meeting ALL OF THE doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, embryologists (YES, YOU MEET EMBRYOLOGISTS! Glenn is the BEST and makes perfect embryos!) The entire process was absolutely fabulous and their prices are good too. My IVF and FET nurses were so organized. They gave me color coded spreadsheets with detailed instructions on injections and medications. They helped me with different pharmacies to call for the lowest priced medications. They were always available by phone or email to answer any questions (and I had a lot). The nurses are your main caregivers. If you think the doctors are your go to people at any IVF office you are mistaken. You WANT the doctors in procedures, not in their office calling you back about an injection question. They are there to get patients pregnant, that is their job. The nurses are there for everything else.

My eggs are overall, bad but we were able to get a few "healthy" embryos. How do I know they are "healthy"? Because they offer genetic testing on embryos. Do you know, not all IVF offices offer this in their clinics? THIS IS NOT AN ATTEMPT TO "UP SELL" YOU (as other reviews say). It is an opportunity to give you the best odds at conceiving! It is important if you are going through this process and spending a lot of money, to ensure you have healthy embryos. The last thing we wanted was yet another miscarriage. I don't think my body or mind could have taken it. The bottom line is, if you are having fertility issues, you NEED to go to Conceptions! If you want your hand held, tell them, they'll do it. If you want to get serious and get pregnant don't delay and make an appointment there TODAY! We have a beautiful Conceptions baby to prove they are AWESOME at what they do! I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience!

Patient Testimonial from March 2017

When we found this place, our hope was diminished. Based on our previous IVF cycle (different clinic in AZ), we were not expecting a positive experience let alone result. What we received was so much more! Dr. Bush had a plan for us right away and provided the confidence to push thru one last time. It worked and we are 32 weeks pregnant! There are not enough words to describe our deep appreciation for his clinical expertise and unbelievably amazing embryology team, IVF and FET RNs. From the blood draw folks to the front fest receptionists, this is a cohesive establishment with ONE goal- to get you pregnant and deliver a live, healthy baby. We are forever grateful.

Myra S.

Patient Testimonial from January 2017

Hi Dr. Greene, Mark and I just wanted to reach out and thank you so much for helping us through our journey of infertility. We are so excited to be pregnant with our baby boy and look forward to his July arrival. :)

I want you to know that you are truly the reason we decided to move forward with IVF. Your patient approach, clear knowledge of infertility, and personal experience gave us a comfort with IVF that we had not previously had. You are a true expert in your field and your honesty and professionalism gave us the confidence to take the leap of faith and move ahead. The clinic success rates didn't hurt either! I can truly say that the process was easier than we anticipated and our access to you via email to ask questions and voice concerns was truly appreciated. In most health care settings its rare to have direct email communication with your Dr (especially one as busy as you) and your willingness to support us through this journey was so refreshing. We couldn't be happier with our decision to trust in you and your staff and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the time you and your staff invested in us over the 4.5 month process. You truly are a blessing to anyone going through this journey and we wanted to tell you directly. Thanks again!!

Thank you,
K and M

Patient Testimonial from November 2016

Thankful is the special word for all things you do for us. You deserve a great big thanks Dr. Bush.

There are people in our lives who are so genuinely kindhearted, wonderful and compassionate and you are one of them Dr. Bush. You have a great staff such as Ms. Erika and Laura.

God bless you and your family

R and M

Patient Testimonial from November 2016

Dear Dr. Bush,
We are beyond grateful to you and your team for helping us along our path to pregnancy. It’s been a long road but we couldn’t have been in better hands along the way. Thank you for making our hopes and dreams of having a child a realty.

With much gratitude,
N and J

Patient Testimonial from November 2016

Dr. Bush,
I still remember the first time we met you and I felt such confidence from you that I knew you would help us conceive. We are now looking forward to meeting our new baby girl and I am overjoyed with feelings of love!! I am so very appreciative of you and all you do! We look forward to seeing you in the future when we come to get our 2nd baby!!!

Thank you so much for giving us the “faith” we needed and helping our dreams come true!!
J and R

Patient Testimonial from 10/14/2016

Dr. Bush and the Conceptions staff worked with us through testing and procedures that ended in IVF and a healthy pregnancy. They customized our treatment for our situation and provided great support and expertise.

Thank you to everyone at Conceptions!
Kelsey B

Patient Testimonial from 9/20/2016

We had a great experience at conceptions! We had been struggling to have a baby for five years before seeing Dr. Bush and his staff. Infertility is a very unique trial that a lot of people don't understand. But Dr. Bush's nurses are so very good at handling the emotional aspect of not being able to get pregnant. They helped us through the entire IVF process with sensitivity and patience. They treated us with love and respect. They were always available to answer any questions we had. One of our nurses was available every time we called right at the time of the phone call so we didn't even have to wait for a call back. They made a really stressful experience pleasant. They are excellent at providing reassurance and hope when you need it most! Dr. Bush knows how to help people get pregnant. After five long awful years of infertility, our baby girl is due December 2016!!

Matt W.

Patient Testimonial from 9/19/2016

I normally do not write reviews but having been to another well know fertility clinic in the past with no success we feel it necessary to give credit where credit is due. Dr. Bush and his staff at Conceptions are absolutely fabulous. We were able to get started on the process of IVF fairly quickly after our consultation. Dr. Bush was right to the point and was able to explain our treatment plan with all our questions answered as we went along. Due to the amount of appointments we had for blood draws etc the staff was great, it was bittersweet leaving the office after our final appt because I had bonded with many of them through this journey. Our first IVF cycles was successful and are now about 32 weeks pregnant with our first baby. Conceptions made this journey for us possible and we will forever be grateful. I highly recommend them to anyone that is in need of their services.

Brandi E.

Patient Testimonial from 9/16/2016

If it werent for the amazing God given talents that dr. Bush possesses we would never have the beautiful healthy children we have. He got me pregnant all 3 cycles we did!!  He takes amazing care of us and ALL his staff is extremely knowledgeable and caring. We feel incredibly blessed to have found this practice I would never go anywhere else!!

Jen G.

Received 2015 from Phil and Tara

Dear Dr. Bush,
As our first Christmas with our boys approaches, Phil and I find ourselves reflecting on our journey with Conceptions. You and your fabulous team never stopped encouraging us. You remained confident, professional and positive. You answered all of our questions, listened to our concerns and promised you’d give us the best shot at conceiving. You kept your promise, and when our cycle brought success we were so thrilled. I had an easy full term pregnancy, and it was the most amazing experience to bring our boys into the world.

Riley and Connor are the happiest babies. They are approaching 10 months old, hitting milestones, growing way too fast and are the light of our lives. They bring us so much joy and we know that our journey was all worth it in the end. I’ve connected with many other IVF patients in the community and have found that you are the common thread. You’ve helped so many couples add to or complete their families and no one has ever had a negative word to say. Phil and I feel very fortunate that you were there to guide us through our infertility journey.

We are hoping this letter finds you well. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and an even happier New Year. I hope you’ll continue to make other couples dreams come true, and who knows, maybe we’ll even see you again! Thank you for filling our hearts by helping us bring our wonderful little boys into our lives. We will be forever grateful.
Phil and Tara

Received From M and C

Dr. Bush,
On November 4th our sweet baby boys were born. Words cannot express our gratitude for the help that you, and the rest of the staff at Conceptions, have given to us in helping us bring our sweet boys to our family. We are so grateful you gave us the confidence to proceed forward with trying another embryo transfer when our first one didn’t work. Also, we are so grateful you were willing to work with us even though we had moved to Washington.

Our boys mean the world to us and we are so grateful to have them in our family. They are our little miracles. Thank you for helping our dream of becoming parents a reality.

Received December 2014 from L&J

Dear Dr. Bush - Words could never express our gratitude to you and your team for your commitment to getting us pregnant. Like probably all of your patients, you are well aware that our journey has bee one filled with a lot of pain, frustration, loss, and at times just wanting to give up. You helped us to see that the road for us wasn’t over, and that we had another chance to have something we wanted so badly. Our previous doctor pretty much gave up on us with no suggestions for alternatives. You know we would get pregnant and it was just a matter of helping to guide us down our path. Thank you for your confidence when ours was lacking and your positive attitude when ours was teetering on hopelessness. We wanted you to know how important our visits were with you after each of our stim cycles. We felt so lost and you always brought us back and grounded us. We know that we have a long road ahead of us, but the fact is you got us somewhere we thought we would never be. We are over the moon with happiness!

I have to also tell you, your clinical staff is amazing. Everyone was a part of our journey. Erika and Derica really helped to support us through the decisions that we had to make and the challenges we were faced with. They were always available to speak with directly and always 100% invested in our success. I have to also say without Marie, you would have never gotten any blood from me. She has been one of the only ones who can get blood without turning me into a pin cushion.

Again, our appreciation goes beyond words, but wanted to let you know what an amazing impact you have had on our future.

Received June 2015 from L & B

Dr. Bush - From the moment we walked in, we just know we were in the right place. This is our last week there (for at least a little while) as we head out in to our Ob/Gyn office—where I’ll be just another cranky pregnant lady! We are still in disbelief… we never thought this day would come, and are so very happy.

We had to say a HUGE thank you to you. You have made our dreams come true and we are so unbelievably thankful. We have built so many close relationships at your practice, and are so grateful for you and your staff. Thank you for listening, for your positivity and expertise. We will continue to refer anyone we can to Conceptions and will look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Thank you for all you’ve done.

Received From Sean K

I'll be blunt. We went to another fertility clinic that was well reviewed and "highly regarded" by our insurance company. They squandered our only opportunity to have insurance cover the procedure, wasting years trying to create an embryo with my wife's "morphologically gorgeous" eggs. Unfortunately, morphology means little and genetics is everything.

Fortunately, we had the financial resources to pay for procedures privately and, after errantly placing our trust in the other clinic for almost two years we switched to Dr. Bush at Conceptions. At our urging, he performed an egg retrieval and found all of the eggs to be genetically challenged. We changed gears, used one of Dr. Bush's donors and now have a handsome, brilliant 15 month-old running around and we have another on the way. (FYI: We did look at 3rd party donor brokers and even wrote some large checks there. We found that the MEDICAL quality of the donors was not good and that the brokers felt a bit like dealing with, well..., brokers.)

We've had good experiences with all of the doctors we have seen at Conceptions but most of our visits have been with Dr. Bush. He's a brilliant guy who may seem academically absorbed - wrapped up in his procedures and success rates. My perception is that he IS wrapped up in it the way that many brilliant people are. There also may be a touch of shyness since he warmed to us dramatically over time and is now funny and engaging every time we see him. He obviously loves and is THE expert in what he does. Unlike our previous doctors, he understands the developmental biology and (critically to you) the endocrinology necessary to ensure success in patients who have had trouble in the past.

My wife and I have been down quite a long road and have spent tens of thousands in insurance money (and closer to six figures of family funds) on getting pregnant. I can tell you that the one thing I would do differently, given it to do all over again, would be to see Dr. Bush first thing out of the gate.

I've read the negative reviews. They seem to fall into two categories:

  1. "I'm a patient, and the doctor wouldn't perform the procedure I wanted because they said there was little chance of success"
  2. "I'm a donor broker and don't like working with this office."

In the first case, I would urge the patient to listen to the doctor - particularly if the doctor is warning of a potentially bad outcome. I wish our previous doctors had been less comfortable with "hope-based" therapies and had been prescient in identifying and warning us of the risks. In the second case, having attempted to work with brokers, I find myself fairly dismissive of the complaints. This note focuses on patient outcomes and not the convenience or working experience of someone who is brokering access to eggs in hopes of collecting a fee.

Received October 2014 from S&M

We just wanted to say thanks again to you and Dr. Bush, and the rest of the staff at Conceptions for sticking with us through all the ups and downs of this journey over the past few years, and helping us welcome our daughter to the world. This certainly would not have been possible without your help. We feel blessed to have this opportunity, and will be forever in gratitude for the gift you have given us.

Received October 2014 from M

fertility patient testimonial with baby picture

Thought that you might like to meet the newest member of the family…
Born 1:07 AM MDT October 17, 2014
7 pounds 3 ounces
20.25 inches

Received June 2014 from J&T

Hi Sarah - First of all I want to thank you!! You are always so great at getting me what I need and answering all of my questions! I really appreciate all the work that you do! The care I have received at Conceptions has been excellent! Every person I meet at Conceptions is friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help.

Please also send my Thanks to Dr Bush. Meeting with him a few weeks ago really helped my husband and I feel good about next steps! We appreciate the time he spent with us in answering all of our questions and explaining things.

My husband and I just think he is the best! We always feel good about things after we meet with him. His attitude and sense of humor are comforting and refreshing. He gives us hope that we will be parents one day :)

Throughout this entire process, he is the first physician that has taken the time to thoroughly review our records, answer our specific questions, and offer a customized approach to treatment. We really appreciate this and it's one of the many reasons we chose Conceptions.

Dr Bush is truly a pioneer in this field and it is fascinating to learn about the work he does and his excellent stats. It is obvious that he is passionate about his work and wants to help his patients achieve the best possible outcomes!

We have been very happy with the care we have received at Conceptions!

Received February 2014 from K&M

My RN, Tanya, gave me your email because I was inquiring who I give feedback to on our experience there. While every single person has been friendly and nice, there are a handful of people that made this difficult journey easy/fun/enjoyable! I just wanted them to be recognized, not only by me, but by their managers, doctors, and peers.

I've been working with your clinic for two years and have done multiple IUI's and IVF cycles. During that time, I've really become close with Marie (phlebotomist) and always look forward to seeing her on blood work days. She is fast, efficient, and pain-free! haha

I also really enjoyed seeing Tammie for my ultrasounds! I loved learning about her son's athletics, and again, always got an extra big smile on my face when she called me back.

Claudia, RN, is/was truly a gift to me during my IVF cycle. I had a different nurse on my first cycle whom I also loved, but she moved to a different job. So I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant having a different nurse for my second cycle. Thankfully, she was also amazing, knowledgeable, personable - I really felt like she was on our team and rooting for our success! Again, someone who I became close to and feel that I can call her a friend.

I recently made it to the FET cycle and got to meet Tanya and Alejandra. I haven't met Tanya face to face, but she has been very knowledgeable and friendly on all of our phone calls, and they are both EXCELLENT at returning emails and phone calls promptly!! They are also very gracious to entertain some of my "silly" questions :)

Again, all in all, I'm filled with gratitude for finding your clinic and everyone in it! Please give these people an extra pat on the back, but know that every single person in that building deserves recognition and thanks!!

Received October 2013

Thank you Dr. Bush and the team at Conceptions for helping us achieve our dreams of having a baby.

Dealing with infertility isn’t easy nor is finding the right doctor. I truly believe that God brought us to Dr. Bush during our long journey. The excitement, compassion, and confidence that he portrayed each time we met helped our optimism throughout the process.

I first learned I would have a hard time having a baby when I was 21. At the time I was trying to be an ovum donor for a woman with ovarian cancer. After my third attempt, my cycle was canceled and I was told I could no longer be a donor. They didn’t tell me much at that time other then my hormones weren’t responding well to the medications. They highly suggested that if I ever wanted to have children, I should do so now or freeze my eggs. Being single, a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, and living 2,000 miles from home, I had no desire to bring a child into the world under my current circumstances.

My husband and I were married when I was 29. We lived in Tampa, FL at the time and found a great infertility clinic near us. With an AMH of 0.4, FHS of 17, and a follicle count of 6 it was determined that I had a “low ovarian reserve”. At the time I was a new RN at the Tampa VA Hospital and it wasn’t a good outlook. The doctor gave us our options; injections with artificial insemination (IUI), IVF, and to be ready for the possibility of needing an ovum donor. We opted for the least expensive way first. After two failed attempts with the injections and IUI we quickly found that IVF was off the table for us. A second opinion also provided the same suggestion of an ovum donor. Since we had already made the decision to move out of Florida, so we decided to take a break.

Six months later we found ourselves settling into our new home in Highlands Ranch, CO. I was ecstatic to find a highly regarded endocrinologist, at CCRM, just down the road from us and it only took three days to get into to see him. My enthusiasm quickly deflated not because he too “highly suggested” to use an ovum donor, but at the end of our meeting he also suggested for us to try Clomid with IUI. I was very angry. Here he didn’t want to try IVF with me but wanted me to waste more money on costly IUI cycles with less inferior drugs than what I had already tried.

After a few months of tossing around ideas and researching the possibility of regular adoption, ovum donor, or embryo adoption we decided on the latter. One of the doctors I work with told me about Dr. Bush and Conceptions and his experience with him. He warned me, “Don’t let him convince you to place three embryos in you, because you will get triplets!”

I really didn’t want to meet with yet another Endocrinologist. I didn’t want to hear how I wouldn’t be able to have my own child, but I wouldn’t return to the other clinic. When we met with Dr. Bush he looked over my records and listened to us tell him how we were ready to use an ovum donor or possibly adapt an embryo. He asked a simply uestion; “why not have your own baby with both of your DNA’s.” I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say or how to respond, I thought he was trying to take my money. All the other doctors shied away from talking about using my eggs and changed the subject to using a donor. But the more he talked, the more he had my husband convinced it was possible. It wasn’t as easy for me to accept this option since I knew my numbers; I knew what the other doctors had said; and I knew the statistics of success with my condition so why would he want to try IVF with me. Then Dr. Bush showed me why the others may not want to try IVF with me. Every attempt at IVF is recorded along with every failure which adds to a clinic’s success rate which is very public. I could see that Dr. Bush was truly confident that we would be successful with IVF using my own eggs. And I could see Dr. Bush wasn’t as concerned about the numbers game as other endocrinologists and to his credit was the reason we got this chance.

I can’t say I was as confident as Dr. Bush or my husband during the entire process. I was excited for the possibility to try but overwhelmed with anxiety of failing. My acupuncturist, Heidi Alexander, helped to ease the anxiety. Every day I was in disbelief, I started my cycle with 7 follicles and by the end of the first week I was down to 5. At retrieval, 4 follicles were removed which resulted in 2 embryos. On day 3, we were down to 1 embryo and on day 5 we had a BBC embryo that had already started to defragment. Dr. Bush might have been hesitant to make the transfer, he did not show it to us, and he decided to transfer her. In 10 day's we found out we were pregnant! Here I was after all this time and at the age of 33. The pregnancy went well but both my husband and I were cautious all throughout knowing that miscarriages happen as we’ve had close friends deal with this recently. On the day after Thanksgiving of 2013 we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Paisley. It wasn’t until she was about three days old that I allowed myself to realize she was real and truly ours.

Baby photo with fertility success story

As I write this it’s nearing her first birthday. She is so perfect in every way. We can’t imagine life without her now. She is our miracle that we are so unworthy of being given. No one is, but that’s what grace is.

We now feel optimistic to use our friends at Conceptions and Dr. Bush for IVF again, to try for a sibling for Paisley. We think she’d really like a friend to grow up with.

Received August 2013 from S & B

Dear Conceptions - How can we possible thank you for helping us bring our son into the world? Our son was born on July 10th 2013 and has already brought us more joy than we could have ever imagined!

The staff at Conceptions were so wonderful to both of us during the year we sought treatment. In particular, all of the receptionists and nurses at the Lafayette clinic, made me feel very well cared for. Dr. Bush was always available to provide advice and encouragement in a professional way that gave us hope for each next step of treatment. One of my OB nurses also had IVF from Dr. Bush and we spent a few minutes discussing what an excellent doctor he was for both of us.

Given how poor my egg quality was at the retrieval, my husband and I are still in awe that the medical team was able to get one good embryo that is now are amazing 5-week old son. I have already recommended you to others I know who are struggling with infertility.

We absolutely love every minute of parenthood and cannot thank you enough for making this possible for us. We hope to try for a sibling for our son in a year or two and we will definitely come back to Conceptions if we need help.

Received February 2013 from N & R

Dr. Bush - It is difficult to express in writing the gratitude we feel for all you did to help us become parents (well soon-to-be parents). I have had many doctors before you dismiss what I had to say or surmise my situation without truly investigating the problem. When we had our first consultation with you we knew you were listening. We knew you would investigate and find out what was causing our infertility. Your confidence made us confident again which we hadn’t felt for a while. You gave us a game plan, a time line and a goal. It all worked out to the exact time you said it would. It was fantastic. We had so much hope during the process because of you. We are so happy already and we haven’t even met baby Johnson yet. Thank you for taking every angle to ensure we would successfully become pregnant, including my polypectomy. Today I am 22 weeks pregnant and everything is going great so far. We are thrilled to become parents soon.

As for your nursing staff they were all fantastic to work with. Everyone made us feel welcome. The ultrasound technician was always prompt and knowledgeable. The front desk staff was always friendly. Even the billing department was top notch. Conceptions is a fantastic practice. We have already recommended it to friends and family seeking fertility treatment.

Thank you for promising us that you could help and really following through.

Received February 2013 from Brieanne

One year ago today we were sitting in Dr. Bush's office doing our initial consult, cut to a year later I'm sitting here able to feel my baby girl kick and turn inside of me :) The entire team at Conceptions are truly amazing! I hope the day is just a little bit brighter for everyone, because I know mine is. February 27th will always be a day that holds a special place in my heart, because it's the day that I was given hope when I was told there was none so many times before!!

Received July 2012

Dr. Mark Bush was the 1st fertility doctor out of three that went the extra mile to convince me that I could have my own child. After trying injections and IUIs over 2 years, my current fertility doctor was stirring me towards using a donor eggs. I have a low ovarian reserve and wasn’t responding well to injectable medication. Fortunately we moved from Florida to Colorado I met with a few more fertility doctors all thought a donor egg would be by best option until I met with Dr. Bush. He was confident that I could have my own child. At 33 years old and only one try with IVF cycle I am now 23 weeks pregnant with our daughter. With his knowledge and IFV team we only had one embryo that wasn’t very strong but his plan worked!

Received July 2012 From Fiona

Baby thanks to fertility treatment

Jaxon was born yesterday, 7/30/12 at 5.30pm. 6 pounds 13.5, 21 inches long. He is so adorable! I was 10 days overdue so they broke my water at 1pm yesterday, contractions, then 3 pushes & he's out! It was all so worth it. All those trips to Denver. Thank you & please thank the master in charge, Dr. Bush. Give him a hug from me. He made it possible.

Received March 2012 From J&S

Dear Dr. Bush and Conceptions Staff, Trying to convey the emotions that are within our hearts in almost impossible to do. We sit here trying to put our gratitude into words and nothing comes to mind, while at that same time we are overwhelmed with joyful emotions. Being able to wake up every day to our son, Jeremiah, the fruit of our prayers is sometimes unconceivable. We know that he would be here in this time in our lives, but wondered how it would come to fruition. We also knew that our case was considered a bit of a challenge, however, we were up for it and so were you! You and your office staff displayed the highest level of professionalism/knowledge and responsiveness, while at the same time you provided personalized care to both me and my husband through this entire process. You and your staff (especially Claudia) were and are more that just the health care professionals that helped us expand our family, you all went above and beyond to walk out this process with us. The genuine care and concern displayed for us through this process could not have been more appreciated. If there are words to describe how grateful we are, I hope they are found within this letter. Our heats are overwhelmed with joy because of your willingness to help; we are so blessed to have had you all as a part of this journey in our lives.

Thank you all for helping to give us our miracle. P.S. We'll see you again next year!

Received February 2012 From P&B (AKA- very excited parents to be)

Dear Conceptions team, We appreciate your quick response to our many questions this past year. Due to the success of your talented team at Conceptions and a lot of help from God, I am now 12 weeks pregnant! We are so excited to be going into our 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

When we first started at Conceptions back in March of 2011, we were not sure that we could ever have a baby of our own, but you made it happen...and on the first try too! We are forever grateful.

A special thanks to Claudia and Kim, and the other IVF nurses who made the whole process a personable experience for us. We really appreciate you and all of your hard work.

Received February 2012

Dr. Bush and the entire staff at Conceptions, Thank you so much for all you did to help bring us these sweet little boys (Bradley and Kyle) ! We will be forever grateful for having you in our lives and a part of our journey!

Received January 2012

I have taken my sweet time writing this report. Truthfully, I've been disappointed so many times, I wanted to be sure I had a healthy baby before I commented on anything at all. My son just turned one and I can tell you motherhood is every bit as wonderful and exhausting as you've been led to believe. Unlike other mothers, though, when I get woken up in the middle of the night by my baby's cry, I am grateful that I get to have a baby's cry! I wish that for you, no matter which route you take!

Let me tell you about my two failed attempts. I ALMOST went with Conceptions & Dr. Bush in 2006 but chose another fertility clinic in town at the last minute because they are supposedly ranked #1. Big mistake. I won't bore you with all the gory details, let me give you the highlights: I am super healthy, especially on the reproductive side. I can assure you of this because I went through countless tests, pokes and prods! Thus, this clinic assured me that once they got a hold of my husband's sperm, the rest would be easy peasy. Nevertheless, they strongly suggested we implant two embryos and after much soul searching of whether we were really prepared for twins, we agreed. I must add that I barely ever saw my supposed doctor - I got a different doctor every time I went in for one of these tests, so I was disappointed but not shocked when on the day of implantation my doctor was nowhere to be seen. Some other guy breezed in - I don't even know his name because I met him while flat on my back and under the influence of valium and god-knows-whatever other drugs they'd given me - and informed us that since I was so healthy he would only put one embryo back in. As you can imagine, my husband and I had many questions. We were uncertain with this direction, we'd given much thought to the pros and cons of putting in two. My health was not newly discovered! The mystery doctor impatiently told us to get on with the decision because he had other couples who were waiting for him. Under this uncertainty and duress, we agreed to go with the 'expert's decision'. 14 weeks later, I was informed that my baby's heart had stopped beating because she had trisomy 18. This was 2 weeks after we'd told . . .well everyone. . .about our pregnancy.

On the post mortem, this clinic informed me that they had a genetic test that could have screened for Downs, Trisomy 18 and a number of other genetic ailments. When I asked why we didn't do this test on my embryos before, I was informed that since it was an expensive test (what's $2,500 compared to the rest of the bill??) and I was relatively young (33) they didn't think it was worth mentioning. I ask you, wouldn't you have wanted to be GIVEN the choice?? I did. Nevertheless, I had some 10 frozen embryos left with them and so I went for a second round with this clinic. This time they did the genetic test and a full 50% of those embryos were not genetically sound. . . which makes me wonder TO THIS DAY why they didn't give me this option the first time around. By the way, I have since found that 50% is a relatively good result, which kind of makes sense since we're putting a sperm and egg together that under normal circumstances might never have created an embryo to start with. They put in the two healthiest embryos (NOW they put in two!) and. . .neither took. Answer as to why this second round of disappointment? I quote: "I don't know" (he said this with nonchalance and a shrug). I need to add that the second time around I was handed over to another doctor who made such an impact on me that I don't even remember his name. I continued to be shuffled from person to person and - you guessed it - on implantation day - I was once again faced with people I'd never seen before in my life.

I quit trying for a year after that. I thought I'd quit forever but I was fortunate to have met Dr. Bush before all this debacle (again I kick myself that I didn't go with him in the first place instead of being swayed by that stupid #1 rating, which I've learned is just a numbers game rather than a meaningful rank anyway). Anyway, in that first meeting, after hearing my story he told me "we'll get you a baby" with such compassion and feeling that I burst into tears. That compassion of his is what made me try one last and final time - this time with the RIGHT doctor.

The proof is in my one year old boy napping by my side right now! My experience with Dr. Bush and his team could not have been any more opposite or any better. I made friends with several of the folks on his staff and every one of them took the time to treat me like a human being - somehow they've figured out how to be gentle with folks like us without making us feel broken. Dr. Bush was the ONLY doctor I ever saw. He did all the necessary examinations himself. The genetic test was done and on implantation day, I had heard that Dr. Bush wouldn't be available because of some other commitments but I was prepared because I'd been well trained by that other clinic. Imagine my delighted surprise when, who should be walking into the prep room dressed in scrubs but DR BUSH!? I exclaimed that I thought he couldn't be here and he said - and again I quote - "I wouldn't miss this for the world". He implanted two embryos - just as we'd agreed - and reassured me that the implantation was as good as he could have hoped. He patted me reassuringly on the shoulder, accepted my hug and when I was ready, went to see his next patient. It is my understanding that all three couples he saw that day conceived! I don't know what became of the others, but I can tell you my story has a happy end. My baby boy was born 42 weeks later and was as big as you'd expect a 2 week overdue baby to be! :) He is a smiley, happy guy and it is a rare week - or sometimes day - that I don't think with gratitude on the gift that Dr. Bush and his staff gave to me. The same gift I hope he can give to you.

I want Dr. Bush to understand that - from personal experience – that other clinic doesn't hold a candle to him or Conceptions. Conceptions has better results (I have talked to other patients who have failed with the other clinic but were successful with Dr. Bush), they have better technology, their team is nicer and more knowledgeable and Dr. Bush's bedside manner is top notch. I felt like my big brother was looking out for me throughout the whole experience. He and his staff took all the time I needed to explain the process and I NEVER felt like they had anything but time and patience for me. I felt like they were all my family rooting for me, doing their best to help me.

If you're reading this, you're on a tough journey and I wish you success. I highly recommend you pick Dr. Bush and his team to help you, you won't be sorry and if they can do anything about it (and they CAN), you too will be sitting up in the middle of the night nursing, rocking and generally feeling grateful!

Received September 2011

Thinking back, on my first encounter with Dr. Bush, after numerous trials of clomid cycles, artificial insemination, numerous ultrasounds, and numerous conversations about how everything looked very “normal” and to just “keep trying” and numerous sleepless nights wondering, “Why can’t I just get pregnant like a normal person?” I was 33 years old at that time, and my husband and I had spent most of our lives building careers, saving money, and making sure we were emotionally and financially prepared to start a family. When we officially tried to conceive the first month and nothing happened, I was devastated. Looking back at my path, I had a lot of devastating moments of complete despair, wondering if I would ever get to be a mother, something I had hoped and planned for my whole life, and truly felt that if I did not get to be a mother, my life would not be complete.

My husband and I sat behind Dr. Bush and his big desk, and I will never forget his magic words, “Let’s get you pregnant!” We began the process of IVF with feelings of excitement, hope, and feeling nervous that. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner, and build my practice around family centered care, and treating each of my patients with respect and 110% as if they were my own family member or someone. I can truly say that every encounter I had at Conceptions, with every staff member, receptionist, lab technician, nurse, ultrasound technician, and embryologist was positive. I felt that everyone cared about my situation, and everyone was hoping that our IVF experience would work, and I was always treated like a family member.

The process was without a glitch! The expertise, of Dr. Bush and his staff was simply smooth and perfect. I never felt lost, I knew exactly what was happening at every given moment, and if I had a question, I had a kind, caring nurse on the phone who didn’t hang up until I said that all of my questions were answered. I will never forget the phone call that I got from the nurse to say, “It worked, congratulations, you are pregnant!!!!!!!!!!” I immediately began to cry and called my husband (he thought it didn’t work because I was crying so hard, and there had been so many (monthly) tearful conversations up to this date, but this one was much different). All of the time, struggle, pain, heartache, worries, tears, fear, (you name it!) was lifted. I had come to the moment that I could say, “I’m pregnant!” Our dream had come true. Our dream HAD come true!

Our beautiful daughter was born at 39 weeks via C section, as she was breech, and when you came as far as we had, there was no question that C section was the only option to get her to our arms. She was and still is perfect. She is now 2.5 years old, and we are fortunate that we did have 2 AA+ blastocysts at the end of our cycle. One is our daughter, and we will soon find out if the other one was meant to be our other child/ her sibling. We plan do a frozen embryo transfer in a few months. It is very comforting to know that I will have a pleasant experience with Conceptions for this frozen embryo transfer. I know that I can plan on a friendly, supportive, caring, team, and the expertise of Dr. Bush to do everything possible to make a dream of a second child come true.

I will say to the moms who have walked the path of infertility, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Words can not describe the pain we go through. But you should know that the knowledge of Dr. Bush, and the excellent program and care you will receive at Conceptions is top notch, likely the best medical care you will ever receive, and will hopefully put a baby into your arms as it did for myself and my husband. I will also say that my struggle with infertility has made me a stronger, better person, I am a mother who truly cherishes every moment, and am thankful everyday for what I have, as well as the path that took me here. I really believe, everything happens for a reason, and when I look into my daughters eyes every day, I know that I was meant to cross paths with Dr. Bush so he and his staff could make my dream come true!

Received April 2011 From AF & ET

Dr. Bush, Thank you for helping us have the family we always wanted. Allie & Maddie were born at 36 weeks. My pregnancy was a bit complicated but Dr. Moeller and Dr. Porreco helped us get through the 2 moths of bedrest that proceeded their birth.

The girls are doing very well & are now over 10lbs. More importantly, both girls are sleeping 7-8 hours each night. Big brother Sebastian is do well also. He is very helpful and protective, at least until de decides it is his turn for attention.

We are truly blessed to have these 3 wonderful children in our lives. They wouldn't be here without you and your staff. Thank you again for everything.

Received April 2011 From KY

Dear Dr. Bush, We wouldn't have her if it wasn't for your help. You are just amazing, and we are forever grateful! I will never forget all that you have done for us with our kids.

With all our love and appreciation

Received April 2011 From T&T

Dear Dr. Bush & Staff, We want to thank you for your help in bringing happiness and enjoyment to our life. Our baby girl "Allison" is so adorable and healthy. We feel so lucky and enjoy her everyday!

Thank you all so much for your expertise, time, and generous gift. We'll never forget your help.

Received December 2010 From Deborah

"When I left your office after you recommended donor egg, I envisioned actually beginning my family. We are so glad we did single embryo transfer." ----Deborah (December 2010)

Received December 2010 From JTS

"With myself approaching 40 and my husband 38, we sought out Dr. Bush to get his help with genetic testing. My husband and I had three sons (naturally) and yearned very much for a daughter. I had spent time secretly researching gender selection long before I even approached my husband about it. I felt selfish, and shameful. I would get on the internet when they were in school so I wouldn’t feel I was neglecting them. In the end, there isn’t anything selfish or shameful about a true desire for a child of one gender if you have three of the other. I wanted to be sure I had “something” before my husband had a chance to be skeptical. On the internet, I came across Dr. Bush and Conceptions, and after researching a bit I decided I did have “something”, and confronted my husband about IVF for gender selection. With Dr. Bush’s expertise, resources, and skills, our sons got a healthy and happy baby sister before Mommy’s baby-clock ran out of time!

Dr. Bush helped us conceive our daughter by utilizing IVF plus genetic screening. He found, out of the many eggs my ovaries (and science) produced, "THE #1, A+, SUPERSTAR FEMALE" of the bunch. And she stuck! She is beautiful and healthy. It's risky, it's scary, and you must persevere, but with Dr. Bush and his staff, it was easy to be diligent. They answered all of our questions, and Dr. Bush assured us that if we did our best with his prescriptions, injections, and timeline they would do their best.

In hindsight, and our daughter is now three months old, I do not remember having skepticism. But when Dr. Bush met my daughter after her birth, he told me I had asked him, “Are you sure this is going to work?”

It just goes to show you I don’t remember NOT having confidence in him and his staff. In the end, the confidence of Dr. Bush is what pulled us giving us confidence. I was confident in the self-injections, which is where it all starts. That's where you have to start being confident or everything else is sketchy. After injections and medicine came the egg retrieval. The days leading to that day were scary, but, again, Conceptions and the staff were so very confident and reassuring that you feel everything is going to work out for the best. Everything went smoothly on retrieval day. Then the waiting period was next, when our eggs were tested and Dr. Bush sent some of the eggs' DNA for genetic testing. This is when your eggs are out of your body and completely being taken care of by someone else and science, and you have to have confidence in Conceptions and their resources, knowledge, and skill. I was fortunate to meet the staff who took care of my eggs between the exact moment of retrieval and the exact moment of my daughter’s implantation. You may be as fortunate, too.

Confidence in the implantation is your last step. So much leads up to that one moment and you WILL get an ultrasound photo of it, as we did, to capture that exact splendid moment in time. Thank you, Dr. Bush. We are grateful you are so well-connected in the industry. We are grateful you chose this profession. THANK YOU for being so headstrong, as it rubbed off on us so we could persevere! Our daughter IS, indeed, "The #1, A+, Superstar Female" in our home, loved well by her three brothers, and practically perfect. I am 39 now, and our daughter is 3 months old and smiling. A few days ago, I held her close in the EXACT place in my home where I had grit my teeth through the many reproductive self-injections Dr. Bush so carefully and exactly prescribed to me. I gave her the biggest hug. She smiled directly at me, eyes twinkling, as if to say, “See? It didn’t really hurt, Mommy.”

Received November 2010 From Dana S.

Our journey to start a family began over 5 years ago in North Carolina. After some time of trying, we became concerned and proceeded to do the necessary tests with my OBGYN. After findings from a series of blood tests showed nothing wrong, we just kept moving forward with our efforts until one day we finally became pregnant. This joy sadly turned to sorrow as we miscarried soon after. My OBGYN then referred us to a local fertility specialist, where we were put through more extensive testing. The news that we received devasted us...tubal blockage with no options to correct it and that IVF was our only option.

My husband received a job transfer about a year and a half later to Colorado which brought us to seek out new hope. We found that hope when we found Dr. Bush and the entire staff at Conceptions. Dr. Bush reviewed our records, repeated some tests and set a positive plan of action which put IVF as our last step and not our only option. The first step was surgery to remove the damaged tube and endometriosis. This procedure was a huge success! Three months following surgery, we found out that we were pregnant naturally.

We owe a world of gratitude to Dr. Bush for our amazing little miracle. His great care and compassion at a time when my husband and I needed it the most will never be forgotten. Thank you Dr. Bush and thank you Conceptions for making this journey in life that much more beautiful.

Received November 2010 From Nikki & Rick

Dr. Bush –
It is difficult to express in writing the gratitude we feel for all you did to help us become parents (well soon-to-be parents). I have had many doctors before you dismiss what I had to say or surmise my situation without truly investigating the problem. When we had our first consultation with you we knew you were listening. We knew you would investigate and find out what was causing our infertility. Your confidence made us confident again, which we hadn’t felt for a while. You gave us a game plan, a timeline and a goal. It all worked out to the exact time you said it would. It was fantastic. We had so much hope during the process because of you. We are so happy already, and we haven’t even met Baby J. yet. Thank you for taking every angle to ensure we would successfully become pregnant, including my polypectomy. Today I am 22 weeks pregnant and everything is going great so far. We are thrilled to become parents soon.

As for your nursing staff – they were all fantastic to work with. Everyone made us fell welcome. The ultrasound technician was always prompt and knowledgeable. The front desk staff were always friendly, even the billing department was top notch. Conceptions is a fantastic practice. We have already recommended it to friends and family seeking fertility treatment.

Thank you for promising us that you could help and really following through.

Received November 2010 From Renee L.

My husband and I are both goal-oriented people who agreed to establish our careers and finances before we started a family. We always dreamed of raising children but my diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) at age 29 threatened to take our dream away from us.

My doctor at the time said PCOS was “no big deal.” He placed me on a track of Metformin and Clomid telling me I’d be pregnant in no time. But I was not pregnant after a long time and as a result, I was heartbroken.

Desperate, we moved to another doctor’s care, then another. All I wanted to run the same track that had already tried and failed. All relegated IVF as a “last resort” because of it’s expense and invasiveness.

Desperate, I turned to the Internet, which only served to frighten me with misinformation. I was now 35 and felt my chances were slipping away. However, a friend recommended Conceptions. I felt like fate was finally on my side! My husband and I quickly contacted and began treatment with Dr. Mark Bush at Conceptions.

At the outset, the idea of IVF was scary considering the costs, the complicated protocols and daunting process. But Dr. Bush and his staff quelled our fears and reassured us that this was worth all of our time, energy and finances. Further, because they took the time to explain every single step and provided us with daily monitoring and support, the treatment process was seamless and in no time at all I was PREGNANT!!! After 41 quick weeks, our perfect baby girl was born January 13, 2009! This was made more special by the fact that our baby was the first granddaughter and she was born on my father’s 70th birthday.

In recalling our journey it has been difficult to remember the sadness and desperation we experienced since we are now awash in the joy of our daughter and it’s hard to imagine life before her.

If we knew then what we know now, we would have seen IVF for its effectiveness, not let others scare us about it s reputation for invasiveness and expense. IVF was not something to be avoided – it was where we should have been four doctors and six years sooner. I’m not embarrassed that we used IVF, I’m proud!

In fact, I tell any of my friends fertility issues (who are asking e for advice when they see pictures of our baby girl).

Received 2010 From J&T

"We are so grateful to have found Dr. Bush and Conceptions. At age 40, we are finally holding our beautiful daughter (and suffering the late-night feedings) just as we had always wanted. My husband and I underwent a six-year long journey, involving multiple IVF cycles performed in two states, no fewer than five doctors (by circumstances and not by choice) and a king’s ransom worth of medical costs. We were exhausted and devastated after the last failed cycle at another “well-known” clinic. Looking back on it, I am not sure how we had the strength to pick up the phone and call Conceptions. Then, immediately, the Conceptions nurse who answered the phone, Melanie, made us glad we did. We later found not only Melanie, but practically everyone at the Conceptions is truly wonderful -- throughout each step of the process. Infertility is difficult enough. I strongly believe that having nurses and other staff members who are not only knowledgeable and professional, but who show genuine kindness and patience, contributed to the eventual success. Of course, Dr. Bush’s medical skills and intuition, and his use of cutting-edge technology were essential. Dr. Bush was thorough in his review of our records, straight forward in sharing his thoughts and thoughtful in designing the treatment protocol. He made us feel comfortable with proceeding one more time in his good hands. Looking at our daughter’s beautiful eyes, we are so grateful of the dream that the Conceptions team helped us realize."

Received 2010 From Rebecca

"Our little one is 1 year old now and she is absolutely precious! Thank you for all your help!"

Received 2010 From Kathy

"Dear Dr. Bush - This thank you is long overdue, but I have been thinking of you and all that you've done for me. Thanks to you, I have one more baby on the way! We found out we're having a girl, and we are so happy! You are such an amazing Doctor who brings so much happiness to your patients. I can never truly thank you enough! I wish you all the best, and you know you will always have my sincerest gratitude."

Received 2010 From Roxanna

"It all happened so fast I was referred to Dr. Mark Bush by my OBGYN. She said I would need a specialist to conceive. Dr. Bush explained everything so clearly to me I really felt I was truly informed to make big decisions. I was unable to have children because my uterus was abnormal. I wouldn’t accept that and Dr. Bush gave me hope. He knew it could be done when other’s would have told me to move on with my life. Dr. Bush performed a outpatient surgeries. After recovery we got pregnant naturally. My husband and I could not be more grateful to Dr. Bush for his blessed skills. Thank you Dr. Bush for our little miracle and by the way, we are 3 months pregnant again. No problems."

Received 2010 From Haley

"In my first appointment with Dr. Bush he told my husband and I that Conceptions “is a place of hope”. To be truthful, after 3 pregnancies that year, I was skeptical at best and was reaching a point in my battle with infertility where I started convincing myself that I was not meant to be a mother even though it had always been my plan. It was destructive thinking and one of the darkest times I have gone through.

Also in that first appointment I found that for the first time, someone was really listening to my story and talking it seriously. There was a through out plan that was presented in addition to possible causes for what I had experienced. None of my story was questioned as it had been with my general OBGYN, and when Conceptions told me that they would let me know exactly what I needed to do, they followed through every time!

Fertility treatment is something that many women fear, and that the financial implications can be significant. I never felt pressured during the process nor did I ever feel that a treatment was suggested or done as a means for profit.

The collaboration of the Conceptions team combined with the expert knowledge of the physician were the only reason I was able to find one last morsel of hope and continue towards my dream of having a family. At the moment I decided to pull all of my faith into their plan and follow the instructions they provided. They made it as easy on me as it could possibly be.

After 3 months of following Dr. Bush’s plan, we were ready to try conceiving again, and were successful on our first attempt. We are now parents to a beautiful little girl that brings us boundless joy on a daily basis. I would recommend Conceptions to anyone trying to conceive."

Received 2010 From Jackie

"When I was 19 I was warned by an Endocrinologist that conceiving a child might be difficult due to the fact that I had Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. CAH is a very rare disease where the adrenal glands over produce certain hormones leading to infertility. I worried that I might not ever have a pregnancy but hoped in God for a miracle.

I got married at a pretty young age in 2001. My husband and I were not ready to have children as we were just getting settled in our careers and our new life together. We did want children someday and just thought we would try when we were ready.

We tried to conceive naturally in 2007 under guidance of my OBGYN and my regular Endocrinologist. When I went months without a positive pregnancy test, I was encouraged by doctors to see Dr. Bush.

Dr. Bush impressed us right from the start. He was a “go-getter”. On my consult visit he did an ultrasound to rule out PCOS and wanted to do some other tests. At first I resented all of the testing that Dr. Bush insisted my husband and I do, but now I am so grateful. I have heard horror stories of women being on clomid for a year only to find out that their tubes were blocked. Dr. Bush found out through his testing that I would be a good candidate for clomid, but my husband also had a fertility issue with the morphology of his sperm. Through a clomid challenge test Dr. Bush also discovered that I have a progesterone deficiency at the end of my cycle. The invaluable information that he gathered gave us the ability to prevent a miscarriage in the future.

I am also thankful for Dr. Bush’s dedication and good integrity. He would not do a clomid cycle without monitoring me with ultrasounds. I have heard of women who were on medications for months and would not have had to go through that if they knew that they did not respond to the meds. I have also heard of women who responded too well to medicine only to get pregnant with a “litter” because there was no monitoring. Ultrasound technology that Dr. Bush uses gives so much information through out a cycle and increases the chance for a pregnancy. So many doctors do not tap into this crucial technology.

Dr. Bush told us with deep conviction that he believed a medicated IUI cycle would be the correct therapy for us.

Several months later we were ready to pursue an IUI cycle. On the second IUI, I was pregnant. It was a very snowy March morning that I got a positive pregnancy test. Everything was closed in Denver that morning except for Conceptions. They were there to administer to me a progesterone shot and to verify the pregnancy. Four weeks later we went in for an ultrasound and discovered we were pregnant with twins! We were thrilled. I continued to come in every Friday for progesterone shots and blood draws until we arrived to the second trimester. Dr. Bush discharged me to the perinatologiest for the management of my CAH and to an OBGYN. I carried my twin boys until 38 weeks. Every day I kiss my sweet little boys. I know that God used Dr. Bush to deliver his sweet miracles to us!

Thank you to Dr. Bush and the Conceptions team for you diligent care of me during a very difficult time in my life. My boys will be a constant reminder to me of the care I received from you."

Received 2009 From Kathy Y.

"When I first came to Conceptions for help in conceiving, I remember being immediately at ease when I met with Dr. Bush. He made me feel like I was his only patient and that he was going to make my worries go away. And he did. He listened to me, talked with me honestly and made a plan to help me. Dr. Bush is one of the kindest, most honest and personable doctors I've ever worked with, and his positive approach made me feel like anything was possible. Above all, I wanted hope with my situation, and that is what he gave me. Without his help and the support of his wonderful staff, I wouldn't have my beautiful children. Dr. Bush was an absolute pleasure to work with and he will always have my gratitude."

Received 2009 From Shawn S.

"Dr. Bush -- We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you did for us. You made us feel as if we were your only patients; and you made us feel so comfortable through all of the processes and procedures of becoming pregnant. We are so glad to have connected with you; we knew we were in good hands based on your credentials but also because you care about what you do and it shows. Thank you for helping us bring our tiny miracle into this world. We are so excited about the journey we are to embark upon. You and your staff will always hold a special place in our hearts.
With sincere thanks and gratitude."

Received 2009

"Well today is the big day for us. We will be doing our transfer. Before we determine the result of everyone's efforts I would like to take a minute to compliment the physicians and staff of Conceptions on your excellent service. When we came to see you, you laid out a course of action for us to take, realizing time was limited since I was turning 38 and had a family history of early menopause. We were encouraged to be comfortable with and to really think through our decisions. We come to the IVF procedure well-informed and confident we are making the best decision for us. Thanks for everything!"

Received 2009 From Mother of Maya

"My husband and I want to thank all of you for your excellent care and unyielding compassion during our course of treatment at Conceptions. We now have a beautiful baby girl to love."

Received 2009 From Mother of Jake

"We found our care at Conceptions was individualized to our needs, wants and desires. We all worked together as a team striving toward a common goal."

Received 2009 From Mother of Michael

"Mike and I appreciate everything you did for us. Most of all, I wanted to tell you how comfortable you made me feel through all the procedures and the process of trying to become pregnant. If I had to do it all over again you would be who I would choose."

Received 2009 From Mother of Grace

"We cannot begin to thank you for helping us achieve our little miracle. Even if things hadn't worked out the way they did, we still would want you to know how much we appreciate how you run your practice. Infertility is a most stressful and confusing issue. From the moment of our first appointment with you, everyone in your office made things so much easier for us. We can't really begin to thank you."

Received 2009 From JTS

"To Everyone at Conceptions: We just wanted to say thank you for everything! We have had a wonderful pregnancy that has gone better than expected! Looks like we will be having the baby a little early but we're ready!"

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