Because there are many causes of infertility getting to know you and your partner’s medical and fertility history along with some testing is critical. Each patient’s / couple’s clinical situation is unique so testing and then treatment must be individualized to your unique circumstance(s). In general, we usually evaluate 1) the ovaries 2) the fallopian tubes and 3) the sperm.

Eggs and ovulation – Because an egg must be available to combine with the sperm it is important to determine if you are ovulating. Secondly, using a number of methods, we will often assess your overall “egg health”. This is usually accomplished with blood tests and an ultrasound evaluation of the ovaries.

The fallopian tubes – Your physician may want to determine if your fallopian tubes are open, also known as patency. The most common test to evaluate the fallopian tubes is the hysterosalpingogram which uses contrast dye and an x-ray machine to assess the contour of the uterine cavity and the patency of the fallopian tubes.

The sperm – A semen analysis is perhaps the most cost-effective component of the fertility tests as about 40% of couples present with some form of male infertility. Analysis of the sperm using a microscope and computer evaluation will assess many aspects of the semen and sperm. In general, we focus on the number (concentration), motility (mobility) and the morphology (shape) of the sperm. Using the information from our discussions with you as well we the results from your testing, we can formulate an individualized cost-effective and time-efficient fertility treatment plan to quickly and safely help you expand or grow your family.

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